‘Your unique gifts and talents are your key to freedom and success’

Miss Europe World 2018 Episode 3 Mount Elbrus Charity Climb: “Your unique gifts and talents are your key to freedom and success”.

Today’s theme is using your story, gifts, talents and passions to help serve others whilst serving yourself by turning that into a brand, lifestyle and business.

I always knew a typical office job wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong I’ve done my time serving on the chicken counter at the local supermarket (when I wasn’t vegetarian), cleaned houses, done all sorts of odd jobs doing admin when my modelling agency was holding onto my money and not paying me, sold door to door, worked in the mail room sorting office to support my studies and goals at the time. I can do it and I did and I would again but I am in a place now where my vision of how I want my life to be is so strong that I can’t deviate from a path that I now know is my purpose. 

I’ve never been too good with authority and being told when I can go to the toilet. I always told my dad at the age of 3, I’m going to have my own business when I don’t even know how I knew what business was. I was obsessed with shows like The Apprentice and Dragons Den (known as Shark Tank in the US). I’m enamoured with the study of people who have carved out their own successful careers doing things they love. My idols are Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and naturalists like David Attenborough.  I used to pretend sometimes I was sick so I could skip school and stay at home and watch documentary after documentary on the National Geographic channel educating myself on things that interested me, not what school wanted to teach me. I have a thirst to read at every opportunity even if it’s just learning things on Google whilst walking down the street. More recently I have gotten into a lot of spiritual development literature. 

Another thing I’ve always done was pretty much the opposite of what anyone wanted me to. This isn’t out of defiance, I just have a deep yearning to follow my heart. I’m guided by my intuition of what excites me, what I love, what I know I excel at. The idea of signing up to a lifetime of something I hate doing just didn’t make sense to me. Other people can forge successful careers doing what they love so why not me? It’s possible and someone has to.

That’s why I chose to become “The Official Green Queen”. Anyone can use what they have to create something.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t easy. I’ve failed, a lot and I’ll fail in the future but I’ll just keep failing better. Successful entrepreneurs are usually a string of failures which get less of a failure with improvement until they reached their goals. The motivation to plan your own schedule. The not being accountable to anyone but yourself if you slack. The worry about when money is coming in as it isn’t stable starting out. These are all difficulties. You also have to commit yourself to self-improvement and mindset work otherwise you can slip into doubt, despair and even depression like I have when I’ve not been taking care of my mindset on this journey. I have to continually work on my “state” by keeping my drive, ambition and mood positive so I can deal with the instability that comes with starting your own brand and becoming a business. But the rewards? They are soul fulfilling. That’s what drives me.

Rewards such as: I can use my story to help countless people with skin conditions feel safe in their own skin. I can make a living helping the planet rather than harming it. I can use my voice and platforms to raise awareness for pressing issues concerning our environment which is of utmost urgency in this current climate. In terms of lifestyle I have the chance to create unlimited residual incomes depending on how hard I want to work and how creative I want to be using my brand name. There is no ceiling to what can be earned. Active and passive incomes. Travel. I can live and work wherever I want. Schedule my own hours. I can make time to be healthy, spend time with loved ones and participate in LIFE. Making money isn’t my driving force but I know that with persistent effort, a strong vision and focusing my time on the things I KNOW I am good at, that money will be a by-product of that. 

The future economy is digital. Technology is taking over many jobs. Branding yourself online now doing what you love is a way to fail safe your future when these changes start to increase. A robot can’t take a job away from you when the unique selling point is well YOU. 

I also came to realise my eczema and my psoriasis are GIFTS, they aren’t something that makes me dirty or broken or the names I had been called in the past. They are my logos, my brands on my elbows, to help serve others with conditions who are suffering. To raise awareness and break down the stigma associated with them. 

Holonis is the perfect entrepreneurs platform to begin branding yourself because you too are unique, you too have things you excel at that you can monetise by becoming your own brand. The world is your oyster. 

Now check out episode 3 of myself “The Official Green Queen” and Aaron “Wanderlost Productions” to see how we have branded ourselves, creating content to help serve others and the planet by clicking this link: