What is stronger than a diamond?: EmulEos-Collection by Emily prozinski

A diamond is the hardest stone on The Mohs Hardness scale and arguably the most beautiful. Woman are tougher than diamonds. Often, it is our own inhibitions and doubt that dulls our shine. You can be your own worst enemy.

This collection is about facing yourself and breaking free of the negative thoughts that hound you. Tougher than Diamonds harnesses the bravery, confidence and power in every woman and spurs it forth. It should invoke the indomitable belief of “I can” instead of “I can’t”. Shatter the demons that mimic your reflection and fully realize the woman within. Female Boxers were a heavy influence, the passion in each urgent swing and dedication to form was truly inspiring. ‘The beauty of the fighter dappled in the long shadows of uncertainty’. In those battles we must battle our own insecurity. Whatever it may appear as, know that you are Tougher Than Diamonds. Upon the onslaught of doubt, lift your chin and raise your gloves. 

Tougher than Diamonds has nostalgic significance. Originally it was envisioned in 2012, never did I ever have an intent to fabricate it until now. It is one of my only collections that does not have a proper process book, it seemingly came from thin air. I can’t pin point accurately what inspired it. All I can remember is one day it didn’t exist and the next it did. Sometimes when I design, it can mimic ‘Channeling’, it’s an odd thing to think about but, I do not have another explanation. One aspect that is prevalent in many of my collections is movement. The pieces have to move and flow, agitated ruffles and tissue weight, exaggerated flounces leap at the slightest breeze. They move with you, and celebrate your body’s complexity. 

Black and silver are the two colors that dominate throughout the collection, punctuated by lavish rhinestone trims, appliques and sequins that capture the light. Accessories feature hand placed crystals on visors and boxing gloves, along with ribbons tied around the model’s hands. The fabrics consist of georgette, chiffon, charmeuse, snake vinyl, leather, and faux fur. The materials are a mixture of tough and soft, both sides of a woman. Both are necessary. 

Over the years that I have designed garments, I have discovered new portions of myself. One thing in particular, is that I am not a minimalist. I like my clothes to be covered in intricacy. Balance is most important of course, and finding it can present a challenge. Each garment is a challenge, it has to shine in its own unique way, Yet, still remain cohesive with the rest of the collection. As is the standard for all my collections, each garment is named, and that is how it is identified. We have a garment lovingly named ‘Hanger Breaker’ for obvious reasons. Hangers watch out! 

Photo credits Anshad Guruvayoor 
Models– Donatella Lachowski, Diana Bentley Babyna 
Hair and Makeup- Paula Andrada 
Dresses- EmulEos-Collection- Tougher Than Diamonds