Miss Europe World Charity Climb: Embracing your authentic self

Today’s episode when I started out modelling I could never have filmed. Sitting in front of a camera with eczema on my face and posting it across all my social media channels for a documentary would have been my worst nightmare. It wasn’t until I went to a pageant in Albania in 2012 where a full body break out of psoriasis had occurred on my skin last minute where my attitudes changed. 

I used to hide and cover up at every opportunity. If it was sunny I would wear jumpers despite being far too hot and it irritating my skin. In Albania, at the Miss Globe modelling competition I had no choice but to represent the UK with the condition. 

After we did the final show where to my amazement I had placed 6th out of 100 countries, a judge came up to me and said the judges were impressed with my confidence. I hadn’t felt confident at all. However she said it took a lot of courage for me to go on stage in a bikini with the condition being watched by several million people live on TV. This was a pivotal moment in my career. I realised if I embraced my condition and overcame my own fears I could help other people who were struggling too by using my platforms and visibility. From here I made it my mission to continue competing in competitions, sharing my story and my modelling career. The result was after 10 years, I became the first woman from the UK to win Miss Europe World, something I could never have imagined. See below the video for my photo competing in Albania with psoriasis.

One of my beauty queen friends who was always someone I looked up to as a source of strength and inspiration, Amy Willerton (former Miss Universe GB) said once to me “my advice is to always compete as yourself”. 

Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self and to let that light shine. By doing so you give permission to others to do the same. 


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