Miss Europe World: Triumph over trauma

This episode really touches me! I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely girls in Moscow who suffered from severe burns after their houses burnt down in tragic accidents. 

One of the girls is a model and the other is studying. I drew such inspiration from these beautiful ladies and their positive outlook on life.

One of my mentors Harry Singha said “turn your worst days into best days”. I have carried this motto with me ever since. Climbing Mount Elbrus was symbolic for me. The mountain represented the negative opinions of others, the comments, the bullies etc… and reaching the summit with the Miss Europe World sash was to show that despite any limitation you can overcome anything. Hence today’s theme “triumph over trauma”. I never believed I could win an international beauty competition especially with full body skin conditions, let alone have a successful career as a model. Holding the sash at the summit was so I could give others hope and aim to inspire them that whatevertheir limitation (mine being my skin condition) to never give up on their dreams. 

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