Bakana Events & Production, a production company specializing in the support and promotion of fashion and fashion cinema. Producing fashion renown in different countries of the world and short film.

Cannes Fashion Film Awards Collection Verma Dmello Model: Alix, Laurie Pictures: Jean Pierre, Louis Nikkon , Tomasz koperski Make up: Fam ,Leyca Beauty Hair: papillon salon Rooftop Cannes Bakana Events

On May 18, 2019, at 5:00 p.m., CANNES FASHION & FILM AWARDS at the prestigious Rooftop of Radisson Blu-Cannes, a fashion show with international designers and fashion films from Hollywood Israel, Mexico, Italy and others was  in honor during the show.

Awards Nomination with different category: Best Fashion designers, Models, Fashion influencer, makeup artist and fashion film are on the competition

Every year Bakana support different NGO, this year GOA SUDHAROP   California NGO supporting villages in India.

Art Exhibition of Galerie D’Adna Art comtemporain.

Music by Mary jo Demello, and French Actress-singer Aurelia Khazan the  events receive  a lot celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinawood. Carries Barnans from Black panther film , Alix zandradove from 2broke Girls ,Amber Martinez -hollywood actress, Francois Durparire , French actor and more.

Finished with Gold Champagne by Or Addict .

Winner are : 

Best Red Carpet Designer -Verma Dmello -india 

Best Fashion Influencer : Antoniya -Monte carlo 

Best Model -Elsa Delgado -Holland

Best Fashion & Film -Achim /Nargassi -Irsael

Best Fashion Designer -Regarde Moi -Angola  

Best Make up Artist – Leyla Ebadi – Iran 


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