I get inspired by myself: Bespoke Nitin Mehta

1.    Please tell something about your initial years your education, family background, career.

Ans . My education has been all over India as my Father was in the Army . But last 4 years of schooling was in DPS Ghaziabad where my grandparents used to stay . After my school I went to National Defence Academy , Khadakwasla , Pune and them Indian Military Academy Dehradun , and was commissioned in Indian Army in June 1995 . I am a B. Tech ( Mechanical ) and then specialised in maintenance of Helicopters . I have servered in Army for 21 years and took a premature retirement in May 2016.

2.    You have an army background ,how did modelling turned up?

Ans . Well, in Army I was a very straight forward officer .i never ever thought that I will ever get into this field of modelling and acting . After my retirement in May 2016 I thought of growing my beard as I was always a clean shaven guy . I was approached by somebody at the airport with a small role in his movei with my current look in beard , the project eventually did not happen but it just opened my mind to explore this field which I had no clue about . and then I got my portfolio done and things started rolling .

3.    At mid age how was it breaking the ice into modelling a stream which  was totally different and generally have teenage entrants.

Ans . At this age yes , it is difficult to break the ice , moreover my Army lifestyle also , but I took the plunge to seek what I have got in me . I was totally new to this field and did not know how to go about , how much are the renumerations , how do I get more work . But I just kept crawling every single day and learned about this field .  Its been tough but have enjoyed every singlr day.

4.    Who are your role models who inspires you in life?

Ans. I myself … I don’t look for some role model to get inspired . My parents have given me great values and have taught me to keep moving . I get inspired by myself by seeing how far I have come every single day .

5.    For people in your age bracket making 6 packs and following a fit regime is difficult,what’s your views and tips for people who aspire to become like you?

Ans .yes , getting 6 packs at my age is difficult but not impossilbe . It is all in the mind . whatevre is your goal you have to be honest about it , dedicated,hardwoking , perseverance , and declined . There is nothing which you cant achieve , the biggest barrier is YOU only .

6.    What’s your day routine and the diet plan you follow?

Ans . My day starts with my exercises . I work out 5-6 days a week with cardio , strenthening , HIIT , and some weight training . I follow a diet plan to keep healthly . I don’t skip meals and always keep myselg hydrated .

Well , I also groom aspirant models , so when I am not on any shoot I conduct classe for them 

7.    Where does Indian fashion industry stands on global scale according to you and what’s your advice  to improve its ranking?

Ans. Indian Fashion Indusrty is on a very high platform globally, but we have to scale a huge differnce . We have loads of talent in our country , but they do not get proper guidance to progress and move ahead . We need to help others grow which will eventually help all of us to be at a different level globally.  I have seen so many people like this during my interactions , who have talent but are not able to move ahead just because they are not aware of how things work .This prompted me to start my Grooming classes for young talent .

 Every Individual is different so I don’t compare myself with any one . I am very clear of myself that I need to achieve the goals which I have set for myself .

8.    Your valuable, inspirational message for visitors of our portal?

Ans . Nothing is impossible in this world , only limitation is YOU . Age is just a number , so do what you love at whatever stage of life you are because the day you stop challenging yourself you are DEAD .

Dress  designer: Wrickie Angrish and Sheena Angrish 

Brand : ANGRISH 

Shoes designer: Naren Thakur