Turning dreams into reality!

Women empowerment is one of the preferred topics around the globe for conferences, symposiums, TV shows and events and it is genuinely a great opportunity to meet and discover incredible stories of women with high potential in any industry, from hospitality to oil & gas field, from entertainment to medical field, from piloting or stewarding to military.

Dubai, U.A.E – the headquarter of HIT HIGH Events & Advertising Agency

Ana-Maria Simion and Ioana Al Bada are two ambitious women who succeeded building their careers from the scratch, coming from the same educational background (Economics) but working in two different industries, Oil & Gas and Hospitality. Their work-experiences and ‘Know-How’ motivated them to develop their own project, co-founding the company HIT HIGH EVENTS & ADVERTISING AGENCY and setting up a team with inspiring goals and vision to create unique concepts of events.

Ioana Al Bada: “I would define myself as a DREAMER.”

With a Master Degree in Business Administration, Specialization of Management in Constructions, Transportation and Telecommunications (Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania) and a Scholarship in Language and Literature of English (Oxford, UK), Ioana Al Bada has become a notorious event organizer and one of the Community Leaders for all Romanians in the Emirates. The “Biography of Soprano Cornelia Crainic” published by Repere Didactice Moderne is one of her personal publications about the successful Romanians living in the U.A.E.

World Fashion Festival Awards, Dubai, March 2019 Together with Hind Bin Naiser, Dr. Monica Mergiu and Maria Elisa Coelho
Photo: Ahmed Osman / divino_fotografia

Ioana’s active contribution in supporting and helping the Romanian Community in the U.A.E was highly appreciated and officially rewarded with the Prize of Excellence from the General Consulate of Romania in Dubai.

World Fashion Festival Awards, Dubai, March 2019
Together with HH Sheikh Obaid Bin Suhail Al Maktoum and Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali
Photo: Faheer Bin Rashid

Important Arab and International personalities attending the events organized by Hit High Events, from UAE and GCC Royal Families to diplomats, writers, singers, actors, musicians, painters, designers, beauty and media representatives. 

Prize of Excellency Awards Ceremony at the Romanian Consulate in Dubai Together with HE General Consul of Romania – Ms. Nicoleta Teodorovici and other awarded Romanians colleagues
Photo: personal archive

Born in a small town Campina, on Prahova Valley in Romania, a place filled with amazing landscapes and good-hearted people, Ioana was raised by her grandmother, descendant of the Cantacuzino family, a Romanian aristocratic family, where the education played a high and restrictive role for becoming the person she is today.

World Fashion Festival Awards, Dubai, April 2018 Together with Dr. Shurooq Amin

Going back to when she’s started organizing her first event, Ioana says: “I remember as if it was yesterday. I had to organize a ‘happy hour’ event in a pub, near the sea, called Mamma Sea in Catania, Italy. Yet, many years have passed since then, going through many experiences ….. the toughest moment was when I needed to coordinate 12 events at once. As my main focus was the Italian market, during the New Year’s Eve we used to organize different parties in different locations. This was my first year as the main organizer and I had to handle 12 hotels at the same time. This was a real challenge, tough times, but thanks to my team who supported me and continued to work very hard, we have successfully complete our goals and mission.”

Romanian Fashion Evening in Dubai – From Tradition to Modernism, Dubai, December 2018 Together with HH Sheikha Hend Faisal Al Qassimi, HE Ambassador of Romania – Mr. Adrian Macelaru, HE General Consul of Romania – Ms. Nicoleta Teodorovici, HE Ambassador of Pakistan – Mr. Javed Malik and Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali
Photo: Mohammad Anwar

After almost 14 years of event management experience in the European & GCC markets, Ioana can certainly be a mentor for those who are at the beginning in this field.

Every event organized for the Romanian community brings together hundreds of people every year, reminding everyone of home-food and traditions.

Celebrating the National Day of Romania in Mamzar Park, Dubai
Photo: personal archive

Called by the media and colleagues as ‘A Woman of All Trades”, her life story shows how a woman can have two different careers and doing them successfully at the same time!

Celebrating the National Day of Romania in Mamzar Park, Dubai Together with families Photo: personal archive

As she graduated the Art & Music School as a piano player and singer, her event and entertainment career has started back in the ’90s when she joined famous TV shows and events performing as a singer in a band from the age of 15 until she was 25.

Ana-Maria Simion: “I believe it’s important to be confident in your skills and abilities, but genuinely remain humble and modest!

In 2005, she has decided to dedicate her full time and focus to a challenging field – Health and Safety, in the industry of Oil and Gas. Motivated by her double master degree and studies of the “Economic, Touristic and Administrative Systems Management” and “Oil Industry Management”, graduated at Oil & Gas University of Ploiesti (Romania), an institution that is recognized as one of the few accredited Oil and Gas Universities in the world, she continued to strive for excellency in both careers. 

Long-term work assignments have taken Ana-Maria to travel and see the world, from Ploiesti (her home town) to Vienna (Austria), Erbil (Northern side of Iraq) and now to Emirates enabling her to understand traditions and best practice learnings from people and cultures she hasn’t thought of having the blessing to meet, turning those into her own lifestyle and living principles.

Celebrating the 7th Year of Wedding Anniversary at Grand Canyon, USA
Photo: personal archive

Going back to when she’s started organizing her first event, Ana-Maria says: “I remember I was 7 years old when my mom came home from work and found out that she is about to host a piano-violin concert at our house. Together with my best school-mate, I was selling hand-made ‘tickets’ to my neighbors for a mini-concert we were planning to deliver later that week and indeed a few days later, I was very proud to have earned my first pocket money from a full-house event conducted without any help from the adults. Years later, I learned how to organize concerts and entertainment events by touring with my band around the country (n.b. Romania) and when working for one of the biggest European Oil & Gas multinational corporations, learning how to organize complex events from A to Z with rigorous rules and protocols, …and I kept on organizing hundreds if not thousands of events ever since.”

Ana-Maria Simion: 
“My energy and strengths come from two wonderful men I’ve been blessed with, my husband, Alaa, and my son, Ryan, completing me as the woman I am today and as a mother!”

Attending a symphonic concert at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi
Photo: personal archive

‘Promoting Romanian attire and traditions’ plays an important and active role in all events organized by Hit High Events; the target group of such events is high-end customers from Royal Families to local and international crème de la crème e.g. diplomats, artists, media representatives, as well as industry business leaders who can promote all those talented designers even further. 

Romanian Fashion Evening in Dubai – From Tradition to Modernism, Dubai, December 2018 Together with Dr. Mona Al Mansouri
Photo: private archive

HIT HIGH EVENTS & ADVERTISING AGENCY is also known for introducing and launching the unique concept event WORLD FASHION FESTIVAL AWARDS (WFFA) in DUBAI (UAE), a platform that is combining ART | BEAUTY | CULTURE and FASHION beautifully under one umbrella, dedicated to raising the diversity and profile of worldwide fashion designers, writers, painters, local and international artists and industry professionals heading to Dubai for receiving Middle East recognition and appreciation of their efforts, outstanding talent, hard work and achievements. WFFA is a Symbol of a new ERA not only in the fashion world but at all Cultural and Intellectual Levels.

Official Opening of World Fashion Festival Awards, Dubai, March 2019 Alaa Ahmed, Ioana Al Bada and Ana-Maria Simion (Hit High Events) and Pasquale Salsano (WFFA marketing partner)
Photo: Create AV

As for future plans, the agency has the vision and mission to achieve worldwide recognition by introducing World Fashion Festival Awards in the major cultural and fashion cities around the globe, on four continents. And not only by doing it, but by ensuring it’s being done with high level of responsibility, dedication and passion.

Romanian Fashion Evening in Dubai – From Tradition to Modernism, Dubai, December 2018
Together with HH Sheikh Obaid Bin Suhail Al Maktoum and Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali, HE Sheikh Yousif
Photo: Mohammad Anwar