IFWN, Pokhara: Mona Shroff explains her experiences

The Fashion Federation of Nepal Chairman Mr. Nabin Luitel invited me to do the closing of their  First season of International Fashion Week Nepal Pokhara . It was hosted in a beautiful city of Pokhara which has the maximum number of  lakes  and is famous for trekking expeditions to the Annapurna Mountain Base Camps.  It was organised in Pokhara to promote Visit Nepal 2020 with the support of Nepal Tourism Board. 

The theme for the fashion show was Resort wear , Cultural / Traditional , Western – Ready to wear collection and it was showcased over 3 days . There were International designers participating from  Malaysia, India , Hongkong along with their local designers and students from Central Fashion Hub –  Institute of Fashion Technology .          

PRESENTATION OF THE WINNERS - THE GREAT INTERNATIONAL 2019 WEB OFF DE CANNES CONTEST AT THE CARLTON ON MAY 23RD. By Saif Rahman Sozib The OFF de Cannes Festival are talented discoverers who are at the forefront of the Cannes Film Festival and are preparing the films that will be in the spotlight tomorrow. Alain Zirah, founder of the OFF de Cannes festival and Anne Gomis, are organizing the "Grand Concours International du Web" with a jury of professionals and chaired by Dr. Olympia A. Gellini, founder of the World Film Institute and Family Films Awards, composed of Steven Nia, chairman of Wardour studios (Avengers - Endgame), Aleah Leigh (Integrity Magazine), Eric Ferrer (concert pianist), Raghunath Manet, Judi Beecher (Armaguedon), the Ambassador of Jackson Family Foundation Jessica Devillez dite "Bijou" and the famous Tony Stark. After the announcement of the winners of the 2019 edition at the MAGNIFICENT evening on May 17 organized by Lady Dragon Productions in a luxurious villa on the heights of Cannes, the jury members accompanied by their guests Movin' Melvin Brown, Melvin Burrus and the Canadian producer Michel Zgarka (Hitlab) introduced the winners. The ceremony was filmed by journalist Wanda Nicot (WNBG Magazine by Wanda) as well as Frantz de Maxflava and many other media. The winners of the 2019 Grand Contest are: Category Mode : The 2019 OFF de Cannes Internationa Fashion Grand Prix was awarded to Serine Kurt Fashion designer for the quality, originality and glamour of her creations and wedding dresses. She came with models wearing her creations for a presentation. The favorite Off de Cannes 2019 Fashion designer was awarded to Prisca Fanogny, who had already distinguished herself the previous year. Bloggers Category: The OFF de la Special Grand Prize 2019 for Blog was awarded to the sublime Candice Maury for her spicy Lips blog. She demonstrated her pimp up to dress women's legs. Category Plastic Arts : The 2019 OFF de Cannes International Grand Prix for Photography was awarded to Fox Eye, the photographer of the stars, for the quality of her artistic photos but also for her endearing personality, her big heart and her availability. The 2019 OFF de Cannes International Grand Prix for fine arts was awarded to Steven Neill, for the quality of his portraits of stars, Indians but also portraits of women in the face of sensuality. The Coup de cœur for 2019 Off de Cannes Visual Arts was awarded to the multidisciplinary artist Valéria Ange'Ailes Douchky Ecrivain-ArtPeintre who is able to paint, write with talent, but also to highlight her pictorial works in original videos. Category Music : Two 2019 OFF de Cannes Grand Prix for music were awarded to D-Lisha for the originality of her voice and the quality of her video clip and to Marina Delmonde for the accuracy of her performances. Lola, represented by her agent Danny Combaret, is the 2019 Music Favourite. Category Literature : The 2019 OFF de Cannes Grand Prix for Literature was awarded to François Darietto for his first novel ReZo, which was presented by his wife. Marie Blanche Cordou is the 2019 Coup de cœur for OFF de Cannes literature for the quality of her writing, her latest novel but also her dedication in organizing literary fairs, festivals and meetings. The 2019 OFF de Cannes Grand Prix for Poetry was awarded to Marly Ramos (Salvador) for the sound of her writing in Portuguese, Category Cinema In front of the cameras, Alain Zirah paid a moving posthumous tribute to the multi-talented director and artist Philippe Carrese who left too early, at the age of 63, a few days before the festival. Philippe had distinguished himself as a writer of "polar aioli" and a film director who had won several awards. It also pays tribute to Prodream writer and producer Serge Uzan Serge. Ambassador Jessica also paid tribute to the American actor Clement von Frankenstein, who died the day before the Cannes Film Festival at the age of 74. Three friends who will remain in the memories of the Cannes Film Festival. Pascal Lastrajoli received the Coup de Coeur du Cinéma des OFF de Cannes 2019. He explained how the 2018 Cannes OFF Grand Prix allowed him to shoot a film with Olivier Marchal and another with David Halliday. The 2019 Cannes Off International Film Grand Prix was awarded to Alexandre Laugier for his film "Amour-eux". This will certainly help him to produce and realize his new science fiction project. After his showcase, on demand from Paul Loup Sulitzer, the camer singer Prince Kestamg received the Honor Awards for the originality of his happy song. Many Carlton guests, producers, actors, actresses and models come to join the team to make the essential selfies and group photos that are so many brands of the Cannes Film Festival. www.off-de-cannes.webs.com
IFWN Posters in the city of Nepal

For my Closing Finale , I had specially designed a Few  Handmade collection of Silver mixed with Alloy necklaces as silver is very popular  in  Nepal . My remaining pieces  were Handmade in the Philippines  and Hongkong  with Resin , Shells, Beads , Mother of Pearl, Corals and Oversized Pearls,etc.  Costumes were made by Nepali local designer Mr. Prem Deo for the show, as the Fashion Federation  wanted a collaboration of International with Local designers .               

I was invited by Kantipur Television Network  for  a Live  interview on Good Morning Nepal their Number One TV channel . There is a lot of potential in the fashion and styling field  as the people are very traditional and exposures like fashion shows ,  TV interviews, Exhibitions , etc will  help in opening the minds of the people. Hoping for some business prospects to materialize as Nepal is a beautiful country with lovely people and would love to visit again.