Venera’s Tabakin Work in Cannes

She is elegant. She is feminine. She embraces herself. She inspires. She drives. She is. She Can.Yes, she Cannes.

Model Amanda Ford

Ms Venera Tabakin is London based Celebrity Fashion designer whose collection comprises of sophisticated red carpet designs emphasising her “feminine and spectacular ” motto. Venera attended every year the Cannes Film Festival to showcase her latest collection at red carpet events. Numerous actresses’ such as Lea Mornar, Viktoria  Mezentseva and celebrity models Amanda Ford, Angelina Kali, Fiakka Adriana modelled her exquisite work in Cannes this May.

Model, Fiakka Adriana, Prestige show production

A total of 10 of her dresses were seen on red carpets and at prestigious fashion events in May  in during the Cannes film festival 2019. 
Other fashion works from this design house have been showcased in Paris, London in major charity, and entertainment events throughout 2019.  They only seem to be gaining momentum in popularity.  Veneras dresses will presententing for some Fashion movie project in Cannes for Paris Fashion week 2019 in September.

Venera Tabakin,photographer,Vladimir Neshkov

To Tabakin’s credit, her custom-made gowns have been seen on pageant royalty, awards ceremonies in the UK, and at the Latin Grammy’s, Berlin Film Festival,  Cannes Film Festival,Venus award, BAFTA, The Laurence Olivier Awards. The designer’s custom wearable works of art help actresses and models stand out from other celebrities who attended the prestigious evening premiers due to their beautiful striking designs.