Second edition Kids Fashion Week World in Hungary

In the middle of June, the fashion industry will be watching again in Budapest: internationally recognized children’s models and fashion designers will appear at the Kids Fashion Week World 2019 Hungary and Budapest second children’s fashion week event.

June 13-16 at Fortuna Hotel, Restaurant and Event Center / FORTUNA BOAT, 1137 BUDAPEST, SZENT ISTVAN , ALSÓ RAKPART./ well be held 4 day Kids Fashion Week World 2019, for which an international children’s model and fashion designer besides the Hungarian team are expected from nearly 15 countries.

Among others, Nepal, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Albania, and Kosovo’s internationally recognized children’s models and fashion designers present the latest trends. The 45 models feature clothes from brands like Bel Eve, Veronika Kanashevich, Patuna, VIP KIDS, Anastasia & Mariami, Big Cat, St.Design by Zalmea, MonFashion, Bonjour, Nova Imperia or Margarita Mujollari Velillari creations, and more designers.

In addition to international children’s models, young people with disabilities also appear with disabilities, and even Enikő Sajtos, a young fashion designer with disabilities, is also presenting his new clothing collection.

“It was my heart’s desire for people with disabilities to participate actively in such an event. They have always touched their fate because every child has the right to be happy! We have invested a lot of energy in charity for a long time, ”says Lili Kovács, founder owner and chief organizer of the Kids Fashion Week World event.

Children between the ages of 3 and 16 are mostly accompanied by model agency owners, casting directors and children, and professional make-up artists, hairdressers and choreographers will help them in their preparation.

“With the help of the fashion week we are going to introduce the world map of children’s fashion. I would like to spread Hungary’s good reputation and national culture, because it is important for fashion companies to know how beautiful and talented Hungarian children’s models are. The event is also a great opportunity for Hungarian fashion designers who can introduce themselves internationally. “- says Lili Kovács.

Kids Fashion Week World’s 2019 children’s models, designed to create a tradition, will also have the opportunity to relax in addition to professional programs: Parliament and sightseeing excursions, Danube boats and parties.

There will be a number of VIP guests at the four-day event, of course visitors are welcome. For those interested in buying tickets, it is not possible to buy them in advance, but they can only be bought on the spot in limited numbers. The organizers, some of the revenue, will be offered for charity.

Welcome everyone! Tickets can only be purchased at the site: FORTUNA BOAT, 1137 BUDAPEST, SZENT ISTVAN PARK, ALSÓ RAKPART. Prices: The overnight ticket for an adult costs 2500 HUF, the same for a single child and a parent for a total of 2500 HUF.Part of the amount of the ticket price would be to support an institution specifically dealing with children with disabilities.

If you would be happy to support the event with a smaller offer, please contact us at or +36309689870. All offers are welcome for material or material offering, in return we provide advertising or advertising space for you, your company or your business. Individuals as wellcan support us!