Monica Walsh, story of a commercial model & Fashion blogger

My name is Monica Walsh.Im a commercial model and fashion blogger. I’m a former beauty queen.  I represented Ireland in China in Mrs World beauty pagaent in 2012. I love traveling and I’m just back from Cannes Film Festival. Im using my platform to raise awarness about domestic violence. 

After few interviews I got more and more emails and so many stories I decided it’s time to share it with society. Our society now it’s very busy , noone cares about another person and we need to open our eyes and see theres people (your friends or neighbour) that they may need your help.So hopefully this book can help some women to make the right decision and open the eyes to the readers that it’s a global problem and its 2019 we should feel comfortable and not scared in our houses.

I decided to write a book and hope it helps to raise awareness about domestic violence.Its very important because we can save the lives. If theres kids involved they will remember all life. Yes now we live in perfect world so everyone wants to have perfect family. Noone  wants to say they have abusive husband. They belive he will change and the life will be happy and good again and they live with this hope for years.

Of course there is fear of I work as a teacher in creche.My goal as a teacher is to help the teachers to have some time and have a speech to boys and girls to have respect to others and to themself.My other passion is fashion. I got to the final of Top Model UK in 2014. I had many photoshoot around the world.

And I think everything happens for a reason as thanks to my fashion hobby I took part in beauty pageant and everything came back to me when one of the topic of charity work for beauty pageant was Domestic Violence and From that time that become  part of  my life and I decided to join my two passions in one in London Fashion Week this September.The  launch of my book Take me out of the hell is gonna be in September during the London Fashion Week.