Stella Maris Haefele: My label have a distinctly elegant style

“The name of my company since 13/07/2017 “it was first signature statement of designer Stella Maris Haefele.The beauty label contains not only signature dresses but also beauty products.Her conversation with international award winner fashion journalist Saif Rahman Sozib are as follows:

1. When did you first discover that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

 I  remember being 10 years old when I first said to my mother that I wanted to be a fashion designer. I designed clothes for my toys; I spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to sew a dress or pants. I loved painting, draw, colours, fabrics, etc. I had started to buy fashion magazines at a very young age.

While I was in high school, I used to go to a Japanese Art Institute called Shunichi Oshima, enBialet Masse – Cordoba, Argentina, where it all started.

After working in London, England for 10 years as a Learning Support Assistant for Harrow College. I married and went to live in Germany; then I learned Fashion Design in ESMOD Munich, Germany and CSM, University in London.

In 2015 I did my first solo fashion show in the Victory Lounge in Kathmandu Nepal, and from there, I did not stop.

2. How would you describe your designs?

 I take inspiration from traditional South American garments, which are built up out of  bold colour and sexy and whit a powerful ‘DNA’ of Nepali culture, my  label Haefele. fashion have a distinctly elegant style.

3. what are your favourite materials to work with?

I like to work with sustainable fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as grown fibre crops or recycled materials. “It can be costly, as fashion designers, we need to be  conscious of the environment.”

4. How important is the colour to tour design process?

The importance of colour in my designs is fundamental. Colour send messages, change the state of mind, create ideas and interest.

I usually prefer bold colours; its tendency to set a positive mud in my clients. And likely in my South American culture and Nepal culture both like very bright colour.

Life without colour will be very dull…

5. How did your knowledge of colour theory change the way you think about design?

 Nevertheless, I think every design need to have a basic understanding of the colour theory in order to choose the right colour combination. In my case, I decided my colour palettes to attract the attention and emotion of people.

6. who, or what is your biggest inspiration?

 My biggest inspirations are my mentor John Newall; He had an unparalleled ability to motivated me when I am dawn and gracefully bring me  up. He has been a great help in my career and my business telling me no matter what is going on never give up.

My other inspiration is my husband (AH), in 9 years, he taught me to be the best I can be, work hard for my dreams, be aware of how my intent should match my behaviour, invest in relationships and to enjoy life more and obsess less.

7. what is the most significant risk you ever took as a fashion Designer?

I always embraced the positive potential of risk-taking. I am a major risks taken, such I risked everything when I went to London, and it when pretty good, I risked everything to come to Germany and it when to amazing and I risk everything to become in 2015 a fashion designer, and I make lovely client, meet brilliant people, created a company called Haefele. fashion and my BIO beauty product crafted by Bounty Himalaya in Nepal. so I think I am doing good.

Life is a risk….

8. what are you working on now ?any new designs you can hint at?

 At the moment I am working in my bridal collection House of Haefele by Stella Maris Haefele, that will be showcased at Agadir Morocco Fashion Show, on the 20th July 2019. It has a lot of hand work, biding and french, this collection is so dearest to me as it is my first bridal collection.

Also, I am working on new projects such as giving embroidering courses in my atelier; it will bring back the art that is all most lost as the machine take the work.

And a new and exited project that will be realised soon…..