Laberry ‘The love of best quality is created’

The journey started from a dream of an Emirati woman, Latifa Sultan Hamad Masoud Aleryani; who loves art works, handmade crafts and who wants to share her vision to every woman and children, to every Emirati who have the dream of persuading their passion. She has started creating designs that she felt that will suit the Emirati taste in a modern luxurious way with a touch of vintage and traditional looks.

AndLaberry Fabrics and Textiles is born!

In March 2019, Laberrywas awarded at the World Fashion Festival Awards
(Spring/Summer 2019) as the Best UAE Brand for Kids wear foroffering a
variety of fabrics and designs for children of all ages, an exquisite visit to the world of vintage and traditional wardrobe with a collaboration of modernly woven fabrics. To emphasize the true love for kids fashion, most of the fabrics are designed by Latifa exclusively printed for Laberry.

From there the brand has started importing fabrics from different countries, understanding their culture and their origin on the craft that the designer is so passionate about, and going to the heart of how they can create and market the fabrics that they have originally woven. On how it can make the children love their dresses. Laberry have many trials and errors, but with every step of the way they have grown and made all the customer’s needs come true by ensuring quality and comfort that these beautiful children deserve.

Designer’s Quote: “We have had a lot of collections for all occasions, and have made the children look their best in a comfortable way. From the dresses that they can wear at home and going out to the dresses the can wear at family occasions and parties. We have offered our valued customers with the privilege to choose their design from our collection and pick their desired fabrics to use for a certain design that they pick.

In this way they collect their dresses satisfied and happy getting the right measurement, the design that they wanted and the fabric that they love and comfortable of wearing.” Laberry Team: “And this moment we present to you our latest collection, this collection represents many seasons in one. The fabrics prints are carefully selected and the fabrics quality is always tested several times. The cotton linen fabrics is best recommended during summer, our cotton linen collection is as its best quality, durable and exclusive designs. The dresses are created for every occasion’s most children love to play and we have just the right outfit for them.

Party dresses are made of crepe silk fabrics and lining with voile cotton and
removable petticoat. The linen cotton fabrics are most in comfortable pants and shirt, jumpsuits and skirt and blouse, which is best for kid’s fun activities. We love seeing kids that are happy with our creations.”

Specialized in providing high-quality products such as fabrics that imported and selected from all over the world, Laberry is continuously searching for the best quality and makes it available to the local Emirati market to enjoy the sense of luxurious quality dresses in the kind that kids and mothers love to wear.

If you are in the United Arab Emirates or plan to visit soon, make sure you visit their branches in Abu Dhabi (at BawabatAlsharq Mall, 1 st floor) or in Al Ain (Hili Mall, 2 nd floor) or simply visit their webstore at:

Laberry is the only store that matching the local taste with the international
taste and as a result will have a distinguished look. Laberry stores are ethically obligated to: Give the best customer service; Offer special personal experience and Ensure knowledge and trust! This is why Laberry is the place where the love of best quality is created!

Photocredits: Raluca Dobos Photography