Hilda Falati Couture ‘couture is in the details’

Hilda Falati is a Romanian based fashion designer with an Italian heartand an eye for couture. Her love for couture & the fashion world started earlier in life but it’s only until recently that she managed to fulfil her dream of becoming a fully fledged fashion designer.

Back in Italy she attended various high-end fashion &couture courses, as well as pattern making and embroidery techniques who helped her develop a strong personal sense of style.

She launched her eponymous brand: Hilda Falati Couture in Spring 2016.

Her philosophy and aesthetics are best showcased in the brand’s tagline: ‘’couture is in the details’’.

Her conversation with international award winner fashion journalist Saif Rahman Sozib are as follows:

1.When did you first discover that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

– I was 24 years, when I start my Own first evening dresses.

2. How would you describe your designs?


3. what are you favourite materials to work with?

– SILK, Silk Satin, Taffeta, Organza, Tulle

4. How important is color to tour design process?

– I Love Colors, without rools of combination, I like contrasting Colours

5. How did your knowledge of color theory change the way you think about design?

-Never change,actually the Pallets of colours are various then i follow my INSPIRATION of the moment and my Love of Fabrics.

6. who or what is your biggest inspiration? 

– My Mood. My feelings of the moment

7. what is the biggest risk you ever took with a design?

– My biggest risk the style I aborted. Not all Categories of Women should be my Clients.

8. what are you working on now? any new designs you can hint at?

-Different Creations than I made before. Trying to make Larger Costumers . I suggest from the new collection the ready to wear Collection.

Contact address:

  Contact details

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +40 743.881.964 / +39 347.023.24.24

Hilda Falati Couture at a glance:

Established at the begining of this year, when the designer decided to start her own business, Hilda Falati Couture is a young brand that follows the rules and principles of high-class fashion design, going the extra mile when it comes to paying attention to the details. 

“Couture is in the details” is not just a motto, it is the brand’s core. Hilda Falati Couture’s DNA is all about natural fabrics that caress the skin, hand-sewn embroideries and perfect cuts that compliment the feminine silhouette.

Working with the finest fabrics, the most delicate laces, all `Made in Italy`, using couture techniques and hand-sewn embroideries, Hilda Falati Couture’s mission is to create an understated luxury feeling that celebrates femininity. 

We take great pride in our creations, designed not only to be a garment who dresses up a woman, but an extension of her personality, a „second skin”, because she knows who she is and loves to express herself through fashion. For this reason all our creations are made to measure. 

For us, each woman is unique, and so are our creations. No matter if you choose a made once only or perhaps a creation available in other colours, you will have a one of a kind creation in your closet. After all, this is the real couture: befitted cuts, customized details and embroideries. 

In each Hilda Falati Couture creation you actually find two: the seen and the unseen creation. The first one is the creation that everyone can see, touch and admire – the cut of the dress, the colours, the details, while the second one is made exclusively for the woman who wears it to see, feel and touch. The unseen creation is the fabric itself who touches her skin and gives her the confidence and the comfort to not only look refined and sophisticated, but also feel like that.