Mukta Chopra: Its personality that makes the difference

1.What is that one thing that you wanted to do since childhood but still remains unfulfilled?

My childhood dream was to be an flight attendant or a model.It seemed like a fairly common dream for every girl. And soon life took over but I worked hard to achieve that dream. Without compromising on my work or my family, I can proudly say that I’m in that space now where my longest lasting childhood wish came through- with effort, dedication and support from my loved ones.

2. If you could change one event in the history of mankind,What would that be and why?

Options, Indian partition, because it drew lines of animosity that govern us till date.

3. What’s the best way to spent a Sunday afternoon?

Good food, music, my kids and husband and half hour of exercise.

4. Who is your favourite designer & why?

I have quite a few favourite ones so naming any one wouldn’t be fair .

5. What’s your idea of a perfect night out?

Good food, good music and a great company .

6. Who would be your ideal date?

husband..anyone (just kidding) My hubby.

7. What’s best chat-up line you’ve heard? Can I have your number?

I will send you the shoot details .

8. Is it true that personality is more important than proportion in modelling right now?

while proportion is what’s seen in the first second, its personality that makes the difference, that makes you different.

9. What’s most important to you now-money, fame or sex? and fame in that order

10. You do make a fortune, so isn’t money important?

of course it’s important. But it depends on how much mind share is allotted to it.

11. Do you ever get paranoid about your appearance?

I used to be paranoid about appearance, I must admit. But I’ve grown to realise that while it is important, especially in my chosen fields of interest, it’s the complete deal that holds interest longer and brings way more satisfaction to self too