I’m confident the way I’m now: Vickylin Dinh

1. What is that one thing that you wanted to do since childhood but still remains unfulfilled? 

Promote global and travel around the world helping poor children’s unwanted and guidance. 

2.If you could change one event in the history of mankind, what would that be & why? 

clean water and free education 

3.What’s the best way to spent a Sunday afternoon?

 going into senior living facilities provide entertainment for the group 

4.Who is your favourite designer & why? 

myself and providing other youth with my passion following into future 

5.What’s your idea of a perfect night out? 

Watching movie, Do yoga, Dance and singing  

6.who would be your ideal date? 

a man with very humble and very positive thinking 

7. What’s best chat-up line you have heard? 

What’s app 

8. Is it true that personality is more important than proportion in modelling right now? 

Yes , for my personality come first anything else.

9. What is most important to you now-money, Fame or sex? 

Good honorable person 

10.You do make a fortune, so isn’t money important? 

No , helping poor people very important to me now 

11.Do you ever get paranoid about your appearance? 

 I’m confident the way I’m now 

Vickylin Dinh’s true confession

I am organizing my First Beauty Pageant,Ms Beauty Queen World 2019 on July 7th in Dallas Texas USA  will attend all celebrity in town.