Switzerland Fashion Week

Switzerland Fashion Week + SWISSFASH 2020S


Exciting collaboration opportunity

We would like to invite you to consider collaboration with us. Through our Switzerland Fashion Week platform www.switzerlandfashionweek.ch we are supporting talented and emerging fashion individuals, fashion houses, textiles, machinery manufactures, associated products and we aim to develop another dimension to fashion and related industries for the benefit of all as much in Switzerland as internationally.

In Switzerland, we would like to embrace and revitalize a creative sector in a place better known for its creativity and quality moto. – Switzerland | Home of Fine Textiles

– All our endeavours will be focused on enhancing Creativity – Quality – Trade

Dates: 20thOctober to 29thOctober 2019 (Switzerland)

The Vision: SwitzerlandInternational Fashion Week | Project 2019 & Beyond

Switzerland International Fashion Week showcases Fashion/Creative Networking and serves many creative individuals, artists who wouldn’t otherwise have such other avenues in their journey. Switzerland International Fashion Week is also a place for fashion, textiles, machineries and related businesses synergies; related businesses trade shows and collaboration opportunities for many creative individuals and most importantly offer individuals and businesses a mutually beneficial space to add their special contributions and business leads.

In Switzerland, there are many opportunities in fashion, especially high street fashion and above all one of the best places on earth with a need for a “Fashion Presentation Week” with “Swiss Tags” to attract fashion cultural exchange and all the business opportunities associated to our initiatives.

The Mission – Our plan

We aim to attract many up-coming fashion designers from local and national sources as well as from emerging countries to join our project for fashion cultural exchange.

We represent and will represent our participants for fees based upon work required and where we could and subject to our own approval will sponsor individuals to take part in our shows.

We will further organise alongside Catwalks/Shows, Trade focused shows also to give opportunities to many companies in fashion related business to network and trade or generate new international business leads.

The Benefits – Why Switzerland?

So many products of the Swiss textiles and garments industry are numbered among the highest quality and the most diverse in type of any textile products in the world. 

Swiss textiles are renowned for their strength, performance and functionality.

The textile industry in Switzerland represents every area of activity, ranging from garment textiles including outerwear, sports & leisure garments, protective clothing, nightwear & underwear, home textiles, woven, tufted and felt carpets, through to technical textiles.

In the fashion industry, Swiss textiles are in high demand and are represented on the Catwalks of the best designers in Milan, Paris, London or New York. The high reputation of Swiss textiles for comfort, care, and durability live up to the Swiss characteristic of “Creativity & Quality” and their appeal reaches far beyond the borders of Switzerland as far as to the Far East, Middle East and Africa.

Switzerland is also home to many international organisations which have a great deal to offer the textiles industry and this event could be the opportunity for the most talented emerging fashion designers to express themselves through their artistic and commercial works, and to make their creations available to a wider global audience, to the added value of the Swiss textile industry.

We would like to be making available chances for many international fashion designers to be approved by “SWISSFASH” with “Swiss Tags” endorsements, something which would only enhance our members/participants’ creativity, the quality guaranty of their products and increase in the distribution and a better trade with the world subscribed to our ethos.

Why collaborating with Switzerland Fashion Week 2019 & Beyond?

We believe that we have a platform which could work for us all and your supports and collaboration would be very valuable to both of us. We are further open to discussion to find a win-win formats and a ground for us to work with.

Photo credits: Splerin