Black is a color with many distinct meanings: Larisa Lupoiu

After winning the 2nd Runner-uptitle for the Best Collection at the World Fashion Festival Awards in March 2019, Larisa Lupoiu and her brand Monarh becameone of thefew Romanian Designers and Brands to receive official recognition in the MiddleEast.

Exotic Amazon collection by Monarh has been selected as the exclusive collection to receive a contract agreement collaboration with Green Bird Boutiques, one of the highest in demand fashion retailers in the Emirates and Jury Member at World Fashion Festival Awards (Spring/Summer 2019)

Let’smeet Larisa Lupoiu, the Creative Master and Designer of theFashionHouse Monarh andher Story!

How did you discover the passion for fashion?

I think that in my case, the passion for fashion is native, although we pick up our benchmarks through education and with the help of people around us, who have a formative role. The media contributes significantly in this direction and, because it is a growing demand, fashion is very well promoted: in terms of training, from styling to tailoring and fashion design, to fashion presentations, magazines, programs and dedicated televisions. I was always keen on being well dressed, because I like to harmoniously associate the clothes I wear. From passion to a lucrative activity, it was just one step: the initiative.

Why Monarh? What is the story of your brand’s name?

Monarh is the definition of designer clothing that correlates the quality of materials, the impeccable cut, the fineness and elegance of the pieces, to the joy of experiencing the moment, to feel the best with a creation specially designed for you.

The name Monarh is inspired by the Monarh butterfly, due to its charming characteristics. Although it has a short life span, the butterfly is amazing by its color and delicacy.Monarh Design features grace, quality, professionalism, promptness and courtesy.

Monarh Design creations have been featured at national festivals such as Fashion Philosophy, Kasta Morelli, as well as international fashion festivals such as Serbia Fashion Week and World Fashion Festival in Dubai where the designer received the Best Collection 2019 Award.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere: in nature, in old books and movies, in the media. An example is the very recent collection: “Exotic Amazon“. The creations made with passion and talent want to highlight the feminine power and the fact that today’s women are still fighting but in an emancipated way. The collection brings to mind a special technique: the braided textile. Together with a look that includes stitched hair, these creations are the right choice for summer events. “Exotic Amazon” is a mix of elements necessary for the woman to succeed and be happy: attention to personal image, trust, independence, the need to feel in control, freedom, power of assumed decisions and memorable experiences.

What gets your attention first when attending a fashion show?

The context gives the tone, and the show itself makes the music. The clothes are the point of maximum interest, and if they make a mix between futuristic design, femininity and glam, the whole event is successful. If I’m the one who signs the collection, what matters the most is to make the fitting. If the product is not properly put in to evidence, the effect is not what is expected. Music is another important element and the rhythm of the catwalk has to be in agreement with it. In other words, all the cumulative elements give the results of a successful fashion show.

You are a very talented designer. Your work is getting huge recognition worldwide and you have also been awarded in the past months, including at WFFA. How does it feel to see your efforts and passion being recognized and appreciated?

The appreciation lies in thee yes of the client. If a viewer is delighted with what I create, then my work has reached it shalf way. When it becomes a customer, my goal has been reached, it means the product convinces. And when I receive positive feedback after wearing, and the customer returns, it is a real success.

The awards are a bonus, for which I am glad, I know that every prize is a recognition of connoisseurs and I am overwhelmed by the fact that my work and my team are appreciated

Tell us more about your experience in Dubai and at the WFFA. What are your take-aways?

Dubai is a dream for every designer who manages to impress here through his collections. Moreover, when supply meets demand in the Dubai market, happiness is even greater. I am grateful for the opportunities that WFFA has brought me to, and I hope that the talks that have been held so far will materialize.

The experience is beautiful, especially when you perceive it as another activity of your passion, not as a job and responsibility. I cannot wait to come back.

Any successful brand is sustained by team work. Can you tell us about your team?

My team is the most important to what the Monarh means. From tailor to brand manager, we all work to develop Monarh Design in as many parts of the world as possible. We take advantage of fashion shows that involve traveling, to combine activity with fun and get out very well. I like to think I’m a good manager, but above all, a correct one.

What is the ultimate goal of the brand Monarh?

Our dream is to produce sustainable and reach as many countries as possible. In fact, we want women to benefit of styling classes in school, because this way, women will start to appreciate the fabrics, the manufacture, the designers and the style, in general, so urban clothing will improve.

What are your favorite colors in your designs?

I like black the most. It is a color with many distinct meanings, being an appropriate choice in almost any context. The Black Angel collection is proof of my passion for black, but I chose the colors according to the season and the expectations of the audience. Ultimately, on custom-made creations, the colors may vary, but it’s important to have an impact pattern

If someone would like to become a fashion designer, what would be your advice?

First of all, she should stay with a designer next to a tailor to see the whole process. Then consider whether he is willing to make compromises, because this job does not mean 8 hours of work per day, but 12 or 14 hours a day. If these things do not scare him, then he should start to study in the field and to make his dream come true. 

What is the customer type for Monarh?

The chic woman dresses at from Monarh Design, who treats each going out as an event. She wants to feel that she is investing in her clothes and that each creation is personalized. We are very rejoicing when our client smiles at the test and then send such pictures in his outfit. These are the moments from which I get my energy and whom obilizes me to be better everyday to continue with the brand message: Let fashion improve you!

Photo credits: Monarh Private Archives