Miss Region Netherlands

The goal of Miss Region Netherlands is to give women the strength to make their dreams come true in the world of fashion and modeling. Even Though they not respond the traditional criteria which is based on specific standards and measurements.

Such as the required height of 1.74cm (5’8”). Those talented young women who doesn’t meet this standard, is given the possibility to become a model supported by Miss Region Netherlands .

Contestants of Beauty Pageant Miss Region Netherlands have the opportunity to a major breakthrough in the fashion and modeling industry. The first competition to be established was the Miss Region Netherlands Pageant, created in February 14th 2003.

The organization of Miss Region Netherlands broke boundaries in the industry and can be seen as a pioneer. The beauty contest is still very successful and has evolved to an even greater annual event. Susan Stundebeek is the director founder Miss Region Netherlands

Photocredit: Susan Stundebeek’s archives