Story about Monarh and their latest colection: Exotic Amazon

Brand Story

·     Monarh is the definition of designer clothing, that correlates the quality of materials, the impeccable tailor, the fineness and elegance of the pieces, with the joy of experiencing the moment, offeelinggood wearinga creationwhich isspecially designed for you.

·     The Monarh name is inspired by the Monarch butterfly, due to its charming features. Although it has a short existance, the butterfly is amazingby its color and delicacy.

·     Monarh Design features grace, quality, professionalism, promptness and courtesy.

About the designer

·       Larisa Lupoiu is a designer since 2012 and strongly believes that the fashion industry has its own philosophy and each person perceives it according to his own tastes, experiences, culture and vision.

·       In love with fashion since childhood, Larisa wanted to translate the delicacy and beauty of the butterflies into diaphan creations that suggest refinement, freedom, femininity and uniqueness.

·       Fashion is her passion, transformed into business. In addition to  Monarh Design brand, Larisa is also a manufacturer in the fashion industry, which validates her entrepreneurial skills.

·       In her collections, Larisa pointed out an important statement, to compliment any silhouette.

2019 Collection ‘Exotic Amazon’
·     The collection has a special technique: braided textile. Toghether with  braided hair give an exquisite look. 

·     “Exotic Amazon„ means attention to personal image, trust, independence, the need to feel in control, freedom, the power of committed decisions and memorable experiences. 

·     The collection addresses to women who feel empowered but, at the same time, are very delicate and feminine. 

·     The collection is composed of 10 garments and includes: refined clothing pieces made of silk, braided textile, corsets complimenting the silhouette, Victorian sleeves, feminine overalls with flounces and fine, elegant dresses that transform a simple wearing into an unforgettable memory. 


·     The collection has received a high scoring from the Jury of World Fashion Festival Awards 2019, making the brand one of the few Romanian brands officially recognized and appreciated in the Middle East 

·     Monarh was awarded as the 2nd Runner Up for the category: Best Collection at WFFA SS19, along with high-end brands from USA and Italy

·      In addition, “Exotic Amazon„ has been selected as the exclusive collection to receive a contract agreement collaboration with Green Bird Boutiques, one of the highest in demand fashion retailers in the Emirates and Jury Member at World Fashion Festival Awards (Spring/Summer 2019)

Monarh Design
Customers & Contact

·     Monarh Design offers both unique products, made in limited series, but also personalized outfits in response to the customer’s request.

·     The Monarh Design clients are luxury women aged between 20 and 45+, passionate about clothing, who should know the importance of personal branding elements, including clothing, in all contexts: office, casual or event.

·     The brand is open for collaboration with worldwide retailers for displaying their designs into retailers showrooms, pop-up stores or online platforms. The ultimate goal for the brand is to offer all customers the opportunity to have a complete and positive shopping experience, where they receive fashion advice and styling suggestions at Monarh.