Fashion and music have always been friends: Maria Aurelia Birlea

Maria Aurelia Birlea (11) is a child who loves animals, nature and music. The nature inspires her through its beauty and colors. 

Beside school and home based activities, she loves to explore the world of fashion as a model as well as a designer, where she can be free to innovate and express her emotions.

In a short interview, Maria unveil her daily activities and hobbies.

How would your best friends describe you?

My friends describeme as being funny, beautiful and trustworthy.

What music do you like? Or do you play any instrument? 

I like pop music, as well as classic music and I play violin.

Known as the “violin girl”, Maria believes in her dreams and does everything to achieve them.

How does it look a normal day of your life?  

Wake-up in the morning, school, foreign languages classes, violin classes, walks and meeting friends. 

Are you superstitious or do you have any rules you live?

No, I am not superstitious and my rule is perseverance.

Have you ever competed with other models?

Yes, I did. 

What skills according to you are necessary for a successful model? 

Self-confidence and a lot of work.

What was your biggest fear when starting to runway for the first time?

My fear was not to fail. 

Do you every get shy in front of the camera? 


Green Dress Design and Concept by Maria

What part of modeling do you like the most and why? 

I like to be on the runway as well as to design because this is my dream since I remember. 

How do you combine modeling with school?

Both are extremely important and my aim for both is the same – to learn new things every single day!

What advice you would have wanted to receive when you have started to be a model?

Not necessary advices, but support. It is important to be encouraged by everyone when you proceed for following your dreams.

Maria is very ambitious, persevering and sensitive, embracing fashion and music into one perfect match!

Where can we see you next?

My future plans include the participation at the World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai where I am going to have a double role: model and fashion designer.