Mrs President, from LVIV to Paris


Dear Angela, we are glad to speak with you again! During last year we were calling you Mrs Ukraine United World 2018. Now as we know you have new position in fashion business and we can call you easier Mrs President. You take a chair of main organizer for Vogue Model Fashion Week Paris. Please tell us how it happened.

I am also glad to talk about big news which is very important for Ukraine and my native city of LVIV, as well. I am a member of the national directors of the world and fashion association. We collaborate for different projects for developing young talent from from around the world. For the last two years, my business partner Katrin Synenka and I, are working very hard to show the level of professionalism from our Ukrainian team. We know and believe that Ukraine has huge potential for organizing quality shows from A to Z.  We have traveled all over the world with a large team.  This  brings us first to Cannes where we were introduced to right people in a right time thanks to our french friend and producer Rex Christy Fernando that is the official event manager of the project VmFW Paris. He lives in France and has done many shows not only in Paris as well as Milan and other fashion capitals. All of our ideas have evolved into one big project named Vogue Model Fashion Week that is going to be in Paris. 

It is good luck for us also to have in the team very creative and professional partner from USA and Mexico, Leon Guerrero that been published not in “Forbes” Magazine for his genius Ideas for the business but also he is one of the participant for the show of Donald Trump “Shark Tank”. So he knows well what does it takes to develop and promote. Mr. Leon is responsible for the PR and sponsorship for VmWF Paris. 

What is the idea of VMFW Paris? 

The idea is to create a platform for the most interesting people and to show them  brands, agencies and media. The designers can find new inspiration in our project by meeting new people, and also what is important is to meet the producers and sponsors.  The media will have a lot of interesting content as we have chosen very interesting and wild designers from all over the world and best people that we were meeting during this past two years.  

Also we are adding kids department of modeling. So the day will be divided in two blocks: first part of the day is going to be for kids fashion and second part is in the evening for adult fashion.

photo by Jarosha Troshyna

Make up by Olga Yanush

Hair by Vladimir Kulbackii

Dress by Miss Princess Studio

Accessories by Miss Accessories

Directed by Katrin Synenka