A blooming Modeling Sensation Miss Arab 2019 Sofia Saidi

What is that one thing that you wanted to do when you were still a child but remains unfulfilled ?

I would say traveling the world, I had the opportunity to discover several countries, but for me there are some places in the world that I would like to visit such as South Africa or Australia, and I hope to have a change to make a world tour one day.

Photo credits: Sami benhammi

If you could change one event in the history of a mankind , what would that be and why ?

The redistribution of wealth produced by all and appropriate by some, and the improvement of the economic and social relations as well as the recognition for the efforts of a good worker, this almost non-existent in our capitalistic world.

Photo credits: Ahmed Taha

What is the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon ?

The best way to spend a Sunday afternoon for me is to enjoy the simple things that life offers us: like taking care of ourselves by taking a hot bath, or watching a serie, or walking in the forest with our friends.

Photo credits: Sami benhammi

Who is your favorite designer and why ?

Magaldi haute couture , I have been wearing their dress for the final show on MTV studios in Beirut when i was crowned Miss Arab 2019 . When i walked in their shop i was amazed by the beautiful designs and materials , even a famous magazine wrote about how beautiful my red dress was .

Photo credits: Ahmad Taha

What’s your idea of a perfect night out ?

As i am growing up i enjoy the company of my friends in nice calm places, rather than nightclubs with loud music, so i would say that a perfect night out for me would be having dinner in a nice place with some nice jazzy music .

Photo credits: Lebanease press

Who would be your ideal date ?

Someone geniune and natural  person with a great sense of humor , i enjoy the company of people who don’t take life too seriouly .

What is the best chat-up line you’ve heard ?

Hi , when i saw you my heart shaked like a flan.

Photo credits: Sami benhammi

 Is it true that personality is more important proportion in modeling right now ?

Definitly , it is all about how confident you are and how resourceful you can be , some very beautiful models make it to the best runways in the world for some time but don’t look for futher opportunities for the future and end up in a miserable situation because modeling don’t last forever , so getting plans for the future is all about personality and vision and it is a necessity nowadays.

Photo credits: Andry.h

Do you ever get paranoid about your appearance ?

Kind of , this industry is all about how your look like , so i do take care of my physique and i like everything related to beauty . The most important thing for me is to remain natural and to feel good about our appearence.

Photo credits: David pochal

So i go to the gym several time a week , i watch out what i am eating and i definitly have a weekly routine to take care of my skin , nails and hair.