Kamartaj Pathan’s Achievements

Awards are a sign you are heading in the right direction. It’s not important to wear glass slippers to change your destiny like Cindrella did. All that matters is to break the glass ceiling which although allows you to see but blocks you from reaching the sky.   

Kamartaj Pathan is an entrepreneur from Pune, India. Her journey in Fashion,  Pageantry was passionate. The best thing that happened to me was to realise my career option is my passion and wish to spend the rest of my life working for it ,as she says these words her eyes are dreamy , thinking about her achievements, aspirations and her journey so far.     

She embarked on this journey with herself as company. Absolutely clueless about how she would break the stereotype protocol of Diploma, Degree and teach students entrepreneurial skills in Fashion and Pageants. The real world was demanding.  Her practical experience was finest to the minute details.      

She became a Icon with passing years, earned a lot of name, recognition for her work globally.  Her Designers and their achievements too prove to be live testimonials for her .   

Kamartaj Pathan is Fashion Fundas and Fashion Fundas is Kamartaj Pathan.  Her signature style is Internationally accepted and liked. Awards and recognition came from everyone who knows her. To name a few awards, Global excellence award, Brijbhoomi foundation award,  Silverstar Best jury award, Brainworld award, etc came as a ray of shine towards success. More nominations like Mi Padvidhar Awards are on it’s way.    Awards are a sign to encourage you to work more and maintain the trust that people show in your work as Kamartaj Pathan rightly says. 

Work ethics, discipline, trust in your dreams, hard work, focus matters. If you believe in it you will surely achieve it.     

The journey has just begun and more milestones are to be achieved. Kamartaj Pathan is a Global Fashion and Pageant name now. 

Renowned brands from Worldwide work with Kamartaj Pathan and Fashion Fundas. She has more brands in her kitty ,Creative Women Worldwide which is acknowledged by Facebook for encouraging the creative skillset and earning from it globally specifically as the name suggests which is only for women.   

Pune Viral also a Local news brand which has addressed to Viral news from Pune.Glitterati Pageants is a brand which is related to Pageantry and its various aspects like World Pageant Consultants, Grooming,Jury etc.    

Let your work speak for yourself is her favourite tagline.  There is more to come and more to achieve. Sky is also not the limit for the achievers.