I won the title of Miss Europe 2019: Giulia Ragazzini

A long conversation with Miss Europe2019 are as follows:

I m Giulia Ragazzini. I just won the title of Miss Europe 2019 in World next top model beauty contest .

1.What do you do for a living? 

I m a fashion model .

2.How would you describe what you do and what does your work entail?

I pose for artists , photographers  or costumers to help advertise a variety of products , including clothing, accessory brands, cosmetics, fashion events , magazine and digital media. I travel a lot for photo shoots or to meet clients in different cities.

3. What’s a typical work week like? 

I don’t have a typical work week because it’s always different . That’s why I love it. I don’t have a daily routine .

4. How did you get started?

Its started as a game. I came in contact with an agent who told me I should work as a model.

I was not interested in it yet, then u thought let’s try and I liked it.

5. What do you like about your work?

I love the fact that every work is different. I change my posture and facial expressions to capture the look the client wants.

I like to express my feelings in front of the camera, and I try to be better express the product they want to sell. Its never boring you try always something new.

6. What do you dislike?

I just started my model career, but I immediately knew it is a very difficult environment. You have to be very strong or you be gone. Costumers are brutally honest and success it’s  ups and downs.

7. What skills are needed to do this? 

Modeling world it’s very competitive, Of course you must be beautiful but it’s not enough.

You should be comfortable and expressive in front of camera, and most of all with your self, if you are not confident the camera will see it. 

8. what is most challenging about your work? 

The biggest challenge is do my best to make a product look like its very best. Its a big responsibility. People will buy it off only if the model advertise the product in the best way.

9. What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

Don’t compare yourself to other people, you can get insecure. Self confident and the way you act are more important thank beauty even in the fashion world.

You can’t be more than beautiful but if you don’t express your beauty it’s like you don’t have it.

10. What  else would you like people to know about your career?

People don’t know how hard is to be a model. They just see the best part , it’s not all about fashion show and shooting. There is a hard work and a sacrifice life behind the scenes .

11. What  is a common misconception people have about your work?

When you are a beautiful girl and you work as a model people don’t take you seriously.I graduated in law but when I told people I wanted work as a lawyer they laughed and didn’t believe me.

Its not fair. I m happy to be the proof that you can’t be smart and beautiful as the same time

12. What s one of the interesting shoots that you ever done ?

With the best Ph in Italy. It was one of the first time I had a shoot. I was so nervous shy and insecure -its the biggest mistake .

When he showed me the pics he tooks to me I looked so ugly because I was not confident with my self. We spent all day there with no results .

At the end he turned all the light off and he covered his eyes with a bandage taking pics of me without looking. It helped me a lot. Confidence beetween models and ph is a must.

13. Do you eat nutritiously? 

I don’t follow a specific diet. I love eat and drink wine , I m Italian  .. food to me it’s not only about eating it’s a culture. I love pizza and all kind of sweet.

To me the most important it’s not how much skinny you are but how much you are beautiful .

14) What  is the your favorite outfit ?

I like basic clothes. everything is classy and simple. I don’t like to wear something show off, I prefer when you can’t see the brand but you see the quality of the product. I love gym shoes and light make.

15. what are you looking for in a man?

He should be extremely smart, funny and he must respect me a lot. I want to spend time with someone who make me laugh and I can enjoy time it.

Love is the hardest thing to find in life, the only one you can’t buy.

16) what  is the secret to your success?

To me simplicity and natural beauty are the key of success. I focus on my self and I don’t compare my self to the others. Trying to be better everyday without changing.

Photocredit: Daniela Rettore

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