Life is a journey: Tempast Wulf 

Tempast Wulf is not just the name of another Hollywood actress.  She is an amazing person who has lived all over this planet from Alaska to Africa.  She has walked the streets in some of the most beautiful countries and seen some of the horrors of the degraded countries. 

Her love for life and this planet is unparalleled and she does everything she can to help her fellow “planeteers” safe guard our home for generations to come through education.  When asked about her travels and passion she responded with, Life is journey!

No one ever had a good story to tell from sitting on the couch doing nothing.  The only way to conquer mental illness is to realize it is just a publicity scam and do what our ancestors did.  Go to the farthest reaches of the planet and when that is not enough go to space.  Don’t believe anything from a medical practitioner unless you like being their lab rat.  Stop feeling sorry for your self because you’re not a Kardashian or Disney princess, if you look close their life isn’t perfect either.  So except the fact life is not perfect and create the life you want to have. 

When you are told to stop! Try harder.  When you meet the negative people who only wish to bring you down, stop talking to them.  Find your group in the things you love most. 

If you are a writer find fellow writers,  if you are a artist find fellow artists.  Let the negative people drag eachother down and enjoy what life has to offer.  If you are called crazy,  you are halfway to freedom.