Luissa burton set to become global speaker, brand and green entrepreneur

Model and beauty queen turned global brand Luissa Burton is making power moves to prove #GreenTheNewSexy. Her personal brand which is “The Official Green Queen” aims to “make being green and acting green more hip, aspirational and cool”. 

Photo credit by Alex Springer

The former Miss Europe World says she “wants to make an impact helping the planet rather than harming it”.

She uses her story to inspire others and recently delivered a world class presentation at The John Wesley Conference centre in London last weekend. 

Photo credit by Stacey Clarke

Luissa Burton is trained by speaker coach Harry Singha who has worked with the likes of Tony Robbins, Sir Lord Alan Sugar and Richard Branson.
She has already caught the eye of several major speaking platforms with her natural way of speaking that inspires those that listen with her wit, grace and charm.

Photo credit by Alex Springer

When we contacted Luissa and asked what her next plans are she disclosed that she is beginning work on her first book for the second half of this year. Luissa looks set to have an impactful 2020 and we look forward to hearing what she will be achieving next! 
Go Green Queen!