Mona Shroff’s concept about ‘Jewelry from around the world’

Mona said this is a vast topic as each country has its own style, design and making techniques. She started with India with  the most famous Jadtar style which is the traditional, and an ancient form of Indian jewelry.

Jadtar Jewellery

This is  handmade jewellery with thin layers of rough diamonds sheets  set in clay which is covered with thin foil of Gold. Moghul Emperors, Kings and Queens wore these styles of jewelry. Even today this jewellery is worn by the bride on her wedding day.    

Temple Jewellery from South India

From South India Temple jewellery is the most popular. This is handmade and has carvings of Gods and Goddesses in Gold . Brides from the south wear this jewellery on their wedding day.    

Egyptian jewellery is World famous with their big necklaces in Gold embedded with precious stones like Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire , etc worn by their Queens and Royalties.

China is famous for its Jade carvings of dragon pendants and chinese motifs. There are a lot of countries whose Traditional jewellery goes back centuries and are still classic and timeless. Attaching a few pictures which are self explainatory.           

But Diamonds are  Universally favourite and every girls best choice.