Passion beyond imagination

Paula Goia is a young Hair and Makeup Artist who has recently won the Trophy Award at the World Fashion Festival Awards (Spring/Summer 2019). Through her work and skills, Paula has demonstrated how to be successful with consistent discipline, hard work and passion!  

How would you describe yourself? What about your friends (how would they describe you)?

I would say I am incredibly passionate about life and all things related to beauty. I am honest, loyal, very hard working and my friends say I’m a perfectionist, funny, loyal and always ready to help.

How did you discover your passion for makeup?

My passion for make-up began in my high school years, where I developed a love for beauty, make-up and colors. My sister was a great inspiration to me as I remember she was the first one that did my make-up for a wedding many years ago and I just fell in love with it. As I matured, I used to look at how polished and stylish she was. She always had the best clothes, and some of the greatest make up brands to hand.

When did you decide to have a career as a MUA? 

When I realized that my passion was in the world of beauty and in particular, women’s fashion and make-up, I gathered the necessary finances that I had saved and enrolled at the London School of make-up to become certified.

What’s your favorite part when applying makeup for a person? And makeup style you like the most?

I enjoy all aspects of make-up, but my preferences are bridal and editorial, which are my specialties and both allow me to express my creativity. 

You’ve had the chance to work with hundreds of faces. Which type of face requires careful skills?

I love the uniqueness in all faces, and this is what makes this job so beautiful and exciting. In beauty, we look for aesthetic symmetry as that’s “the golden rule”, but I genuinely believe beauty comes from the inside, which is reflected outwards. I am just the bridge with the correct tools and colors that brings harmony to the surface.

When you look at a professional makeup done by someone else, what gets your attention first?

A proper blending technique is the first thing I focus on.

You are truly a gifted MUA. Your work is getting huge recognition worldwide and you have also been awarded in the past months, including at the World Fashion Festival Awards. How does it feel to see your efforts and passion being recognized and appreciated?

I have been truly blessed to have met some fantastic people along my path who have supported and encouraged me. The WFFA was a spectacular and unforgettable event for which I feel very proud and will be forever grateful for the platform this event afforded me.

What’s the biggest accomplishment you’ve had as a professional MUA?

The smile on my client’s faces is the most significant accomplishment for me. So far, I’ve worked in some of the best fashion shows, extravagant weddings, and recently collaborated on a Netflix series with Mac Cosmetics where I assisted their global make-up artist, and above that, some of my work was published in Vogue USA as part of the Arabian Gazelles Group of Dubai.

What’s your favorite quote?

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for” by Oprah Winfrey, an amazing woman, I truly get inspired by.