Yaari Rom,Whimsical magical artist

Yaari rom, Whimsical magical artist living in Bali Indonesia has been doing body painting and Fine Arts fashion and design of interiors and architecture.

For the past 50 years , body painting has been done for the Paralympic games in Australia and Costa Rica America Canada and many other countries. He is one of the Raymond Weil body painting competition and is considered one of the finest body painters in the world.

He holds seminars for children and adults on art release therapy using the body painting and painting on canvas. He has painted to help children’s organizations around the world raising money with his body painting the first body painter to ever be allowed to paint in public in Singapore sanctioned by the government at michaelmas Indochine Forbidden City.

After many years of body painting internationally he already moved to the island of Bali and began to body paint professionally at the clubs and events like the climate conference an Apec conference double-six club which is very famous from Bali coup d’etat restaurant and then painting to raise money with Soul Men and other groups.

His body painting is unique and unusual and definitely worth viewing .He loves helping organizations by donating his art and has his own galleries in Bali and is building many wonderful environments.

we visited his Studio last week and we believe that he is definitely one of the most unique and interesting eccentric artist we have ever met .