Diana Babyna, Tough and charming as a diamond

Diana Babyna (20 y.o.) is a beautiful model, originally from Ukraine. She lives in Italy with her family since 10 years and she is currently undertaking university studies where her subjects are Arabic and Russian languages. 

Diana has been seen performing on the high fashion stages including at the World Fashion Festival Awards (Dubai) for the past 2 years. She is very popular in Dubai and her return to Dubai is always seem to be as “returning home”. Let’s get to know the story of Diana Babyna with the next interview.

What did you choose to make a career from modeling?

I choose to begin this career why as a child I was passionate about fashion and show. So I decided to follow my dreams.

Where have you modelling so far? 

I have modeling in Dubai at the fashion show “World Fashion Festival Awards” and there I had a shooting for the brand Emuleos (collection: Tougher than Diamonds) and Delves JK. In Italy, I had opportunity to modeling for Roma Fashion Week, Sposi ma non solo, Forte in Fashion and Delves JK in Milano.

What is your favourite country to travel to for fashion shows?

Dubai is my favourite country to travel to for fashion shows. It is nice to be able to modeling in Dubai, very luxury and futuristic city.

Do you have any favourite fashion designer? Who is and Why?

My favourite fashion designer is Gucci because I admire him for his precious leather craftsmen, that make its product unique and for looking carefully to the details. At that time he was involved in the production of gloves, suitcases and small leather items. His fantasy gave birth to the brand consisted of three stripes: red, green and red. Those are still current and fashionable at nowadays.

What would you like your audience to know about you?

I would like to make them understand how important is to study and that’s why I put study first of all. 

How did you start modeling?

It all started as a joke by joining a fashion agency in Milan when I was 11 years old, right after the fashion contest Miss Baby Model proposed to me to participate in the beauty contests which took place in Florence and Sardinia. As a result, in Florence I won my first crown and in Sardinia I won the second place.

At the age of sixteen, I participated in Miss Europa in Italy, where I won the title of Miss Smile. In a short time, the agency Smac Fashion Atelier contacted me, so I joined this agency and I began to participate in many fashion shows in whole Italy. Then in 2018, I modelling for the first time in Dubai at World Fashion Festival Awards, it was a wonderful experience with the staff very kind, organizers available and all high level. I fell in love with Dubai and came back for the second edition, I hope to return also for the third edition that will be held on October. 

Where can we see you next? 

World Fashion Festival Awards, competing for the BEST MODEL Awards, on October 4thand 5th2019, at the Sofitel The Palm Dubai. Wish me good luck and vote for me.

How does a normal day look to you?

I wake up usually at 9 am, then I devote myself to cleaning my body and face. Then I like to have breakfast with bread with Nutella and milk or cereals with milk. After that, I go out with my dog for a walk.

When I come back, I dedicate myself to reading a book or to cleaning my room. Around 2 pm, I have lunch with my family and after that, I take a nap. At 4 pm, I start studying until late and in the evening I watch some movies or I see my friends, but usually I have dinner at 9 o’clock. Normally I go to sleep around midnight.

What is your biggest dream to achieve as a model?

My biggest dream is to modelling for Gucci.

If you want to follow Diana’s next features and runway shows, stay in touch with her social media at: Diana Babyna (facebook) or Diabentley (Instagram).

The photo credit goes to:

I TRANCHESE Fotografi, Emuleos and Anshad Guruvayoor