Donatella Petti: Born to be a star

Donatella Petti (18 y.o.) is not a talkative person, but her amazing green eyes are talking for her. Coming from Italy, the beautiful model is highly representing her country on the stages of Fashion around the globe, showcasing for top designers from USA, France, UAE, Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Canada and of course Italy. 

Photo credits: Fawad Ali

Donatella is a strong woman, loyal, brave and very open minded. She is joyful, however if her opinion is needed, she doesn’t hesitate to give it for what she believes in. Donatella has been seen showcasing at the World Fashion Festival Awards (Dubai) for the past 2 years. She is very popular in Dubai and in return she is also showing a lot of love towards UAE, being her favorite country of all. Let’s know Donatella Petti a bit better with the next interview.

What did you choose to make a career from modeling?

I choose this career because it has always enchanted me the wolrd of fashion and its secrets. 

What is your favorite country to travel to for fashion shows?

My favorite country is absolutely UAE. People are very kind; moreover, there are a lot of opportunities for models.

Do you have any favorite fashion designer? Who is and Why?

One of my favorite designers is Michael Cinco. His creations are work of art, they are simply marvelous.

What would you like your audience to know about you?

Sometimes words are superfluous. I just hope to share my passion and my emotions while I do what I like the most.

How did you start modeling?

I started modeling thanks to my aunt who involved me as a kid model during her show.

Where can we see you next? 

World Fashion Festival Awards, competing for the BEST MODEL Awards, on October 4thand 5th2019, at the Sofitel The Palm Dubai. Wish me good luck and vote for me.

How does a normal day look to you?

A normal day is an opportunity to transform it into a special one.

Photo credits: Fawad Ali

What is your biggest dream to achieve as a model?

My biggest dream is to become a known model and to modeling for Victoria’s Secret.

If you want to follow Donatella’s next features and runway shows, stay in touch with her social media at: Donatella Lachowski (Donatella Petti) on Facebook or Donatella_lachowski on Instagram.