Flame International Fashion and Art Festival at The Royal Horseguards Hotel London 16-18 August.

After a miserable few weeks of rain, wind and storms in early August, there was finally a bright light shining at the lavish Horseguards Hotel in central London, in the form of entrepreneur Yana Flame’s extravaganza of Fashion, Art and Music. This festival put together by Yana Flameis a project created to support young unknown talents from the sphere of Fashion and Art, inspired by the fact that Yana knows from experience how difficult it is to break through and succeed in these industries.

The 3 day festival brought together young models, fashion designers,artists, makeup artists, hair stylists and accompanied by talented musicians and singers from around the globe again there been a union more the 30 counties under one roof . 

Also in attendance were celebrity and VIP guests wanting to see bright enthusiastic young talent showcasing there specific specialty, hoping for that big break to take them to the next level in their careers.

During the festival there was a great exhibition of amazing colourful art work by talented artists such as Yana Flame UK, Lennie LeeUK, Joseph Dib SaadeSweden,Lu OrlovaUk, Asha Uk.

Day 1 Friday  showcased the fashion designers amazing costumes from Yana Flame Couture, Anna Fazio Switzerland, Kate Planche Russia, Iris GutinIsrael and other young designers. Each designer was giving the opportunity to showcase their ideas on how they perceive the current fashion on the street, and evening wear could be in relation to the current trends. Some amazing ideas from all designers, outlandish, extraordinary, flamboyant, beautiful and most of all current to today’s fashion trends.

Of course showing off these designs were the bright young talented models who seemed as though they had years of experience in the modeling world. 7 of these models were competing to see who would be voted Top Model of the Flame season by VIP guest martial arts celebrity trainer and multiple Martial Arts Hall of Fame Winner Dave Gentry. 

The celebrities, VIP’s and guests were also treated to amazing spectacular performances from singers and musicians, Allis AllenHost and singer, Salome Luana Inchaurrondo Opera singer,Jass MeagherMariah Carey tribute, Filip DomarskiSaxophone.

Day 2 Saturdaywas showcase Haute Couture Collections from designers. The models who now had found their walking feet and confidence were also now in full flow vying for that top model spot.              

Yana Flamepresented her new haute couture collection fully decorated by hand made flowers and beautiful feather birds.

The winner of last Flame festival Katya Lipakova was  special guest designer to showcase her new haute couture collection.

Celebrities and VIP guests were not only treated to a lavish 3 course meal and fashion show but also to a night of outstanding song and musical instrument performances by Kupid the KingSalome Luana Inchaurrondo  Opera singer, Marie Carey tribute singer Jazz MeagherGeisha Devissinger and dancer, Elvis impersonator Sal Bashir, singer Sanila and amazing saxophonist Filip Domarski.

The General Media partnerLuxury Magazine Monaco launched their new printed issue with an amazing written interview with the organiser Yana Flame. Beautiful models walked through with magazines in their hands and had pictures taken with the guests.

Special Vip Celebrity Guest Philip Sallon, Legend of London and famous event organiser, style innovator, impresario and clothing designer really enjoyed the event with his company of friends and danced all night long and came back again on Sunday to the festival.

Day 3 Sundaywas a creative party night with a relaxed atmosphere but also excited tension to see who would be crowned overall Top Model and Top Designer. This was the final day of showcasing costume designs. Flamboyant guests were turning up in their own wonderful designer costumes, the weird and the wonderful.

There was an added twist on the 3rdday’s show as make-up artists could use body art painted byYana Flameon models and hair stylists could show their skills. This gave an added excitement to the evenings fashion show; there was a buzz in the air.

Once again guests were treated to musical performances from Allis Allen, Jazz Meagher ,Filip Domarskithe saxophonist, Geisha Davisand the incredible rapping of Cream Boomtownwho once performed on the hit single Daddy Kool by Boney M and  Gairika Mathur Traditional Indian Dance.

Day 3 was almost over from a truly entertaining weekend of fashion, art and music, there were only the awards to be given out.

During all days  the Judges panel of Celebrities were looking after the process and everyone absolutely enjoyed the festival. Honour Celebrity Judges were:

Igor Tomailyis a Flame President of Jury,Artists, Director of Tomaily Gallery, Ex Creative Director of Slava Zaitsev Fashion House.

Dave Gentry  is a Celebrity Martial Arts Personal Trainer, Instructor of Martial Arts Movie Star Scott Adkins of films such as Expendables2, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Undisputed 2,3 &4.Trainer of Steps Pop-star Lee Latchford Evans. Multiple Martial Arts Hall of Fame Winner.Pride of Britain Nominee.Hillingdon Borough Local Hero Awardee.

Eugene Ankomahis a Celebrity Highly respected world Visual Artist with a career spanning over 25 years. He is admired for his innovative /eclectic art making.His innovative approach to art making has assured him many awards and seen his works in the collection of over 17 celebrities from film, tv, literature and sports.

Kamay Lau  is a Celebrity Actress who played  Sei Taria in Star Wars,Fashion designer and Stylist, Model.In addition to her role in ‘The Phantom Menace’, she has appeared in The Fifth Element, Lost Space, Guy Ritchie’s Revolver, and in theBBC television drama A for Andromeda.

Mac Gabriel An actor is known for his works on Mothers Child, V vs V, Ezki’s school Leven Season 2 TV and YouTube series  

Geisha Davis, is a Celebrity Performance Artist & Theatre Designer her Unique act is written, choreographed, and Designed by her, Geisha’s performance has been televised on several TV shows including ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, BBC3’s Snog Marry Avoid, ITV’s Judge Rinder, Sky1 Don’t Stop me now.

Lennie Lee  is a Celebrity Artist well known in London and around the world as Modern Ritual painter, performer and mixed media artist with a passion for life, art and creativity. His house is painted inside and out. It is a local landmark where he curates one of the largest collections of counterculture in Europe. Lee’s paintings, installations and performances have been shown internationally in museums, galleries and private collections. 

Ann Pendigrast  is a Celebrity, Designer, Artist, Fashionista Extra-ordinair, Performer.

Kala Kala  is a Celebrity, Artist, Designer, Performer, well known in London as very unusual hand decorated car and colourful dressed person.

In conclusion of this amazing 3 day festival, Yana Flame had put her life and soul into this spectacular event. She brought together a show of sheer class at one of the top venues in London, bringing together young talented fashion designers, models and musical performers.

Top designer went to well deserved winner young designers as Anna Fazio Switzerland Best Casual CollectionandKate Planche Best Creative Collection, Iris Gutin Best Hats Collectionfor their amazing designs who will be one to watch in fashion trends for the future.

 Cristina Curbetwas awarded as Winner Best MUA and Hairstylist of The Flame Festival, she created the most unforgettable creative look with the gorgeous model Anastasia Iordanidouin collaboration with a beautiful evening gown by Yana Flame Couture

The award for best consistent hard working model of the event went to Sophie Levine, a well deserved award for her dedication to her work.Sophie AJ was awarded as most Professional Model and Lewis Cromwellas most Hot Sexy Male Model,Stephanie Jochel asCoolest Male Model,Natural Look Teen Model Ieva Pliauksyte and Mature model Liza Laure , Sexy Plus Size Model was Sofia Palasious Casara

The Top Models of the Flame season overall Model awarded and judged by Celebrity Martial Arts Personal Trainer Dave Gentry went to Saffron Whyton. We asked the celebrity judge why he picked Saffron, “Why very simple, not only did she have a great look but also a great presence. She moved with grace and style along the catwalk and i could not take my eyes off her pure confidence in overall movement. Amazing! Star model of the future for sure”.

Dave Gentry, Yana Flame, Kala Kala

Flame’s team were:- Julie MorrisModels Department, Head Celebrities MUA Sweta Hussain,Head hair stylists Laura GosmanYilsen Ahmet, Cristina Curbet, Victoria Bragina, Angie Anand, Sara Hussain.

Never easy to arrange such an event, sometimes stressful, but overall a resounding success.

Crisitina Curbet and Yana Flame

For the next Yana Flame International Fashion and Art Spectacular we travel to the historical city of Tallinn, Estonia. At  the Teacher’s House in the centre of the old town from 15th to 17th of November. This historical city dates back 800 years and is located in the Northern part of Estonia, near the shore of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea.

Next London Edition will be in February 2020 In London,

The registration is open now.

To apply please contact the organiser at [email protected]

please follow on

Istagram: #flamefashionfestival

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FlameFashionArtFestivalEn/

Well done Yana Flame !!!

Written by Dave Gentry.

Photo credit by photographers Mrityunjoy Mitra, Luda Bamford, Alex Madia Levi, Jabba Photo.