Golden Caftan of De Griso Couture

With a fine taste for luxury and sensuality, De Griso Couture by Fouad Berzougui is a high-end brand with a great story behind. They’ve launched their first collection at the World Fashion Festival Awards (Spring/Summer 2019)in March and they blew the audience with their stunning kaftan garments especially designed and dedicated to royal figures.

Let us discover the story of an emerging brand, ready to conquer the world of ART and FASHION through the voice of their talented designer Fouad Berzougui.

1.How did you discovered your passion for fashion?

My passion for fashion is almost a love story that started when I was about 8 years old. I have always evolved in this universe because my family works mostly in this magical world. So, I have been immersed in it since my earliest childhood. For the better part of it. So, I have an undeniable affinity with fashion in general but also with art. In my opinion, fashion is an art in its own right.

2. When did you put together your first collection and how did it start?

My first collection was the one presented at the WFFA SS19, almost a year’s work.

3. What are you inspired by?

Inspiration reigns around me, first of all I am fascinated by the royal families, notably the Tsars and Tsarinas of RUSSIA,Garden and Architecture.

4. When you look at a fashion show, what gets your attention first?

I would say attention to detail.

5. You are truly a gifted designer. Your work is getting huge recognition worldwide for the designs, fabrics but also for the vibrant and daring colors you are using on your garments. How do you choose your theme collections?

I define my collection by choosing personalities who have left their mark on the world of tele Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel, Hurrem Sultan…       

6. Tell us more about your experience in Dubai and at the WFFA. What are your take-aways?

I will never forget this event which was rich in meetings with personalities of all ages.

7. Any Successful brand is sustained by team work. Can you please tell us more about your team?

My team is my family, who have always supported me, everyone puts their hands together and gives their opinion.

8. How did you choose the name of the brand (De Griso Couture)? And what does it mean?

This name is a tribute to my grandfather who embodied masculine elegance, gentleman’s costume hat and grey trench coat in Casablanca. He was nicknamed Lord de Griso.

9. What is the ultimate goal of the brand De Griso Couture?

Fusion between modernity and tradition, while keeping the soul of the craftsmen and the handmade work.

10. If someone would like to become a fashion designer, what would be your advice?

Be yourself, be creative, responsive, have good interpersonal skills, and keep up to date with technological advances. It is a profession that requires to be always in the spirit of the times.

11. What is the women’s type – client of De Griso Couture?

There are not only women, men are also coquettish at De GRISO, All ages from Baby to Senior.

12. Where can we see you next?

I would like to open a pop up store on themes such as Women’s Day.

Photo credits: Emilio Poblete, Sreenath Sasidharan, Hit High Events and CreateAV