Photo’s that define signature style of Supermodel Giulia Ragazzini

1.How does a normal day look to you?

I don’t have a specific normal day. Everyday is do something different. I travel a lot so I can’t have a “kind of normal day “. Can happen i work 7 straight without a break and the week after I do nothing .

2. Tell me about your recent commercial work or portfolio?

I worked so hard in the last 2 months. I had a lot of experience. I have been working for some popular English brands of clothes. I can say I really enjoy every shooting I work for. The thing I love more is everytime I visit a different place. One of my lasts  shooting I spent 2 days in a cottage in the middle of nowhere , I was so scared to sleep there , inside the house there were paintings of old woman everywhere. The funniest one was recently in London. I worked for a lingerie brand and they took pics about me while I was wearing only lingerie and an umbrella in the middle of a square while it was raining so much .

3. What is your favourite country to travel for fashion shows?

Paris and Milan are the best for fashion shows, but  I would say London and New York. London is my favorite city in the world. I’ll never get tired of this city .

4. What would you like your audience to know about you?

Sometimes people think if you are a model, you don’t eat, you are not smart, or funny. I m a simple girl , I like enjoying every moment of my life and everything I do is with love and passion.

5. Where can we see you next?
It’s a secret. I have some big projects in the next two months. I can say I ll travel a lot in the next year. Most of my works are outside Europe, but I would like to start some projects even in my country. That’s why I m here now .

6. What is your biggest dream to audience to achieve as a model?

Honestly I still don’t know it. To me is already a dream working everyday doing what I want, Enjoying every moment of my work and always visiting new countries. People always think about the future , the hardest think is to live the present.  

Ph : Marta ferenc .
Stylist : Laura Karin 
( the pics with black clothes are : ph : Gabriel Nita ) 
( pink dress : Matthew Austrie )
The last 2 ones with the blue light ph : morax photography .