The hunger for Modeling starts from early age

Maya Ioana Miclea is a young girl, with a very high potential in modeling. Known as ‘Cindy Crawford of Romania’, Maya is only 5 years old and loves being on the runway and modeling. Her incredible eyes and blond hair are attracting the camera immediately; this is why posing for magazines and fashion campaigns of brands is another hobby.  

1.Tell us about yourself

I was born in ClujNapoca in 2014, just after the New Year, more precisely on January 7th. I grew up in Alba Iulia, with my parents and grandparents. I am a very beloved little girl and I feel lucky. This year I finished the middle group in grades and also this year, more precisely from April, I started the courses of the WipModel Academy by I&B under the mentorship of the international designer Ioana Emilia Urcan.

I am a sensitive, sociable, emotional girl (but only until I master the situation and I know the environment or the person next to me), and as well loving, open to help those in need, friendly, sometimes stubborn, but overall a normal child.

2. What are your hobbies?

Being still quite small, I can’t really say I’ve got hobbies (like a grown up), I just know that I like to enjoy the little things: to give, to play, to sing, to laugh, to have fun, to run, play on roles, and especially to dance. I want to perform in shows on the stage and, of course, I am glad when I am in the center of the family’s attention and receive applause.

I also like to travel and to discover new things. I love everything what beauty means: flowers, rainbow, pets, especially puppies and colorful butterflies. I adore the clothes, the high heels shoes (especially my mom’s), the perfumes, makeup and accessories.

I am a big fan of the bike and of long dresses (as bridal dresses). 

3. How would your best friends describe you?

The friends think they would describe me as the perfect playmate and safe (as I am a careful person just like a grandma, so I was told by my teachers at the kindergarten).

4. How does it look a normal day of your life?

A normal day in my life is very complicated (n.b. smiling). I wake up in the morning, it takes quite a long time until I find the perfect combination of clothes, not always what is prepared for the evening with the disposition of the morning (n.b. laughing). I go to the kindergarten until lunch time, then I must go to my mommy’s work to check up on her and to hug the puppy after which I go with my grandma Mariana home.

There I finish the housework with her and then I have a play schedule with my grandpa and the children on the street. My mom is allowing me to enjoy my childhood as much as possible and to do what makes me very happy. When the sunset comes, I prepare for the bedtime & bedtime stories ending the day in my mom’s arms. 

Of course, every day is different, today at the mall, tomorrow in the park, another day at the courses, then on a visit to friends, but in general, a day with me is quite interesting, not boring at all.

5. What is your favorite food?

Milk, as much milk, there is no life without milk. But also Lobster soup and barbeques.

6. What music do you like? 

Love songs, as well as disco type.

7. What is your favorite movie/story?

My favorite movie: 101 Dalmatians and my favorite story is Cinderella.

8. Why are you passionate about fashion?

I simply adore my mom’s dresses, especially those ones that reach the floor and fit me Jand I’m the happiest when I get one for my age, because I like to be beautiful. Probably because the house is full of clothes, shades and accessories of all kinds, my mom is very passionate about, inspired me to like fashion as well.

9. Why modelling?

Because I like to wear beautiful clothes, because I like to be in the center of attention (although sometimes if I get tired I get emotional – but this will pass as my mom is always encouraging me), because I like to be always admired and to be a role model for others.

10. Tell us about your career as a model. How did you get started? 

My career is not extensive yet, since I have only started to modelling 4 months ago, as a member of WIP Model Academy by I&B. I have also been awarded as 2nd Runner up (category: 5-7 years) at Miss & Mister WIP Model Academy Fashion Kids Designers.

11. What is your greatest strength, as a model? 

I like everything I do, I am very communicative, and my stregths are my beauty and my long hair. 

12. How would you describe your personal fashion style?

Chic, elegant and sportive – depends on mood and needs.

13. What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it? 

Being encouraged to carry on in modeling and of course the applauses. And honestly, this is what I like to do the most above all.

14. Are you self-taught or did you study modelling?

No, I am not self-taught. Everything I know is because of my studies at the WIP Model Academy by I&B.

15. Have you been on the runway internationally? If yes, where? 

Not yet, only in Romania. But I am exploring this opportunity next at the World Fashion Festival Awards in Dubai this year in October.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you have started to be a model?

Hard work is required to get appreciated and that I shouldn’t be too emotional. 

16. What advice would you give to young models?

Believe in yourself, any child has his own beauty inside which is reflected outside. 

17. What advice you would have wanted to receive when you have started to be a model?

I have received this advice and I would like to offer it to others as well: Be yourself. 

18. What is your ultimate goal?

To wear the most beautiful and longest bridal dress, on the highest fashion runway in the world.

19. What is your motto?

Believe in yourself and you will succeed in everything you want. 

20. Any favorite designer? Or model?

My mom is my role model.

21. What was your biggest fear when starting to runway for the first time?

That I will be too emotional on the stage and I will lose control.

22. Have you ever competed with other models?

Yes, at the Miss & Mister WIP Model Academy Fashion Kids Designers

23. Who is your biggest supporter(s)? 

My mom and my grandparents.

24. Do you every get shy in front of the camera?

Yes, I still have a lot to learn, but I will overcome this in future.

25. What part of modeling do you like the most and why?

To be a model in princess dresses because this style of dresses is my preferred one.

26. How do you combine modeling with school?

Currently I am at the kindergarten, so I match the two activities perfectly. But I am sure that when I will be at school I will do all the best to combine the schools required activities with my private hobbies and of course with modelling.