Saishaa Aman Chauhan, selected as Miss Progress India 2019

Saishaa Aman Chauhan, selected as Miss Progress India 2019 by the National Director India Parfait Image Consulting to represent India at Miss Progress International 2019 in PUGLIA , Italy from 27 September – 6 Oct 2019.

She is a young , vivacious 28 year old author , teacher and model who hails from Bikaner … Being an Army kid patriotism , loyalty and confidence comes to her naturally .

She has The privilege of authoring a novel by the title of “The Estranged Turn”.The novel was launched at the Delhi and Chennai International book fairs in Jan and Feb 2019. 

The Estranged Turn is a heart wrenching love story based on true events . It is about a woman who is trying to live life by her rules . She is an independent woman who falls deeply in love , but her struggle to be able to own her love has always eluded her . In the bargain , however she does not lose her original fibre in her ordeal to find true love . In this book I have written about issues maligning the Indian society such as dowry , sexual abuse , LGBT problems and various other hindrances preventing the overall growth of the society. 

She is presently teaching in a Global International School 
Saaisha is a home-bird  and loves spending time with her family her favorite being her mothers home cooked Indian food .

She loves simplicity and reality and wears her heart on her sleeve 
Stay tuned to see Saisha’s journey unfold in Italy soon.