Ukrainian Energetic Artist Ol`svol`d was presented in Paris The Tsvetnosti Project

The Project “Tsvetnosti” Ol`svol`d was started in July 2017.  The Artist Ol`svol`d creates his Arts in meditative condition. During the creation he is under Higher Powers and help from Angels of the Light.

Tsvetnosti creates the keys to control health, beauty and continuance of the human`s life. 

The manager of the project is LesyaZaritska, shepresented the Project “TsvetnostiOl`svol`d” at the THE VOGUE MODEL FASHION WEEK in Paris that was based at the Hotel California on Champs Elysees on 30th and 31st of August. 

The presentation was made in frontof Paris Beaumont people and the world press. It was the first Presentation out of Ukraine and there are many plans to promote the project as is has raised interestall over the world.

Photo by Roshkovskyi