Dreams comes true at House of iKons

Iryna Blair is a fresh face in the world of fashion photography having made a name for herself in portraits, in particular life photography over recent years. 

Designed by Donovan Depass

She says, “I like to capture an original look and ideally a strong emotion in an increasingly crowded professional space.” 

Designed by Josh

Her work you can find at @BlossomPhotographyHerts on Facebook. 
She always wished to try herself in fashion industry. 

Designed by Ana DeSa

“I enjoy working with Ana Zens because she is beautiful and experienced and she has both a strong look and a kind personality”.-This is what Irina says about  model Ana Zens @anazensmodel , who took her attention at House of iKons fashion show organised by incredible Savîta Kayê during London Fashion Week. It is a honour to have a chance to be among 50 media professionals. Irina Blair had her debut as fashion photographer at special fashion show. 

Designer Rubina Kapoor

It was celebration of fifth anniversary оf House of iKons on 14th of September 2019, where WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE DRESS  £50 million – made with diamonds – designed by 14 year old fashion designer Josh Birchjones were presented. Follow House of iKons on Instagram @house_of_ikons_official, Facebook and website www.HouseOfiKons.com
to see new video and pictures from the show. 

Ana Zens, was walking for 

“Designed by Josh” , 

Ana de Sa, 

A.Renee Fashion, 

Donovan Depass, 

Caroline Bruce, 

Rubina Kapoor, 

Swati Mishra, 

Ugochi & Annette’s Couture Millinery