Wonder World, a brand where every child’s dream come true

The Wonder World brand for kids and teenagers appeared half a year ago. But during this short time designers represented their collection in Paris at Vogue Model Fashion Week 2019, in Budapest at Kids Fashion Week World 2019 and in Ukraine at Odessa Fashion Week Cruise.

The idea of brand came by accident. As one of the designers Uliana Chernenko loves to draw and the other one Tetiana Lisna invents interesting clothes, they put together our hobby.

Two mothers with children usually have more, probably, childhood dreams and desires of their children in the women heads, so the first jacket and skirt made a baby in the seventh heaven out of happiness!

Children’s cartoons and toys were at the heart of our idea and made every child’s dream come true – to become the hero of their fantasies. 

Nowadays Uliana and Tetiana try to give more emotions to both children and their parents. A lot of ideas are still waiting to be realized, and they will try to implement them into future collections. 

But the first critics are children of designers, and only after the approval of the baby can they confidently present clothes to the world. That is why the clothes of Wonder World collections are comfortable for everyday use and cause warm and bright emotions in children, happy smiles and a huge positive!

Project profile at a glance:

Designer – Wonder World (Ukraine)
Make up – Viktoriia Bakai (The 7th Studio)
Hairstyle – Roksolana Ruzhylo, Krisrina Lenchuk
Photographer – Remi Itz