Elizabeth Parker of Rich Casual showcased in the Live out Loud Charity

An interview with Arizona, USA based fashion designer Elizabeth Parker of Rich Casual after she showcased in the Live Out Loud Charity, New York Fashion Week show on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 held on World Suicide Prevention Day.

This event was produced by Sherrie Gearheart and the Live Out Loud Charity team. Elizabeth Parker had the honor of opening the entire show with her incredible designs. The crowd raved about her pieces all night long.

1. When did you first discover that you wanted to be a fashion designer?
All my life I’ve been involved with art and about eight years ago I started to sketch designs for fashion and realized fashion which is on the human level can be creative like art. 

2. How would you describe your designs?
My designs are one of a kind, comfortable, and sophisticated.
3. What are you favorite materials to work with?
I choose natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, and felt.

4.How important is color to your design process?
Color is big component of my designs. They work as a signal between me and the customer.  Colors can be warm or cold, have energy, or elevate the atmosphere in the beginning of the design style process. 
5.How did your knowledge of color theory change the way you think about design?
Design is a very visual process and colors are the bridge between ideas and the final product.

6. Who or what is your biggest inspiration? 
I find that people are my biggest inspiration.
7. What is the biggest risk you ever took with a design?
Using expensive fabric to produce an outfit with no professional help.
8. Where/how can we purchase your items?
You can  contact me by going to rich-casual.com, facebook.com/rich casual,
or emailing me at [email protected]
Photos by Campos