Tribal Jewelry on Mona Shroff’s point of view

What is the meaning of Tribal Jewelry ?

The word Tribal means Jewelry is made by Indegenous Artisans using local materials to create objects of adornments that contain significant cultural meaning .
indian tribal jewelry
Tribal people have preserved ancient arts and crafts in their indigenous forms and Ethnic tribal Jewelry is one preserved craft. 
Africal Tribal necklaces
Afghani Tribal Jewelry
Tribal Ethnic necklace
Traditional Tribal  Ornaments are made of Silver, wood, beads, coins, shells, copper and chains. Bright colours , bold and chunky pieces, earthy tones , fun and unrefined collection are the best way to describe their collection. 
Moroccan Tribal necklace
Moroccan Tribal headpiece
Even today Tribal Jewelry is the one of the major Runway trends for most of the leading brands. It is timeless and unique. 
Moroccan Tribal Bangle
Mao Tribal Jewelry