Conversation with Fashion Stylist Dominai Michele Ford, Posh Doomz

1. When did you first discover that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Well the fun fact about me is that I am actually not a designer per say. I am a stylist and if I feel the need to customize a piece I will add or take away from an item. Fashion design is something maybe could get into down the road but right now my gift is the art of thrift and vintage pieces taking on a chic modern look.

2. How would you describe your designs?

My selections are always timeless, bold, chic and classy all while still pushing that sexy envelope.

3. What are you favourite materials to work with?

Since I don’t design I don’t have a favorite material, but I do have a favorite piece which is never defeated in my opinion. A jacket or a blazer! They are always top tier in my collection!

4. How important is color to your design process?

Color is essential. I feel like color is another way to express yourself in the fashion realm. I also am a firm believer of less is more. As a stylist and I’m sure it’s the same for a designer is when you see it; whatever your “it” may be you just know it’s what you are looking for.

5. How did your knowledge of color theory change the way you think about design?

In my selection process I truly just follow trends of course but I also envision what I can place together for that item at that time.

6. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration would have to be my city; my family, my friends and past encounters with others. I always want to make people feel good and if I can make those people feel the vibe; I feel complete.

7. What is the biggest risk you ever took with a design?

My biggest risk probably id purchasing such bold pieces in hopes that people will get on board. They typically do once I show them how to place and wear the items. However making a purchase that you know is amazing doesn’t always guarantee a good outcome from the buyer. So every purchase that is bold is a risk, and that’s a risk I take often!

8. What are you working on now? Any new designs you can hint at?

Right now I’m working on my fall/winter collection and also looking to drop mens vintage pieces, and a collection for my older women. That’s what 2020 is about for me. Expanding.

9. How was it showcasing in New York Fashion Week produced by founder of lolc Sherrie Gearheart? Describe the experience.

It was an experience I would love to have again, great people!

10. Where/how can we purchase your items?

Thank you!

All of my items are available for purchase on my website & also if you follow me on instagram @PoshDoomz sometimes I post previews there and they never make it to the website because someone wants to buy it immediately! So do yourself a solid and follow me!

Fun Fact:

I make it a point daily to let anyone I work with know I am not a designer and I don’t want to mix the two because it can be offensive to those designers who spend hours creating beautiful pieces. However, I want to set the stage for stylists to come in and also show you a bomb look in the same arena and coexist on the same platform as designers.

Photos by Campos  


By Saif Rahman