Pamela Eaton: Fashion Designer and Crafter

Pamela Eaton is new to the fashion industry! She uses her passionate nature to create unique and beautiful clothing and accessories. Her company, “Chic Shuffle“, is a brilliant concept of re-creating clothing and accessories into the newest and often avant-garde fashions.

Growing up in the US state of New Mexico she was surrounded by the extraordinary beauty and diverse cultures of the Southwest. Her entrepreneurial nature as well as her experience in interior decorating led her to operate a gallery of her own creations as well as fashionable and Native American art and objects. Her work was recognized and featured in an article published in Décor magazine.

Her inquisitive mind often has directed her to a greener future, thus prompting her to create her company of re-designed fashionable, reclaimed clothing and accessories. Inspired by the top designers in the fashion field in addition to such eco-designers as Orsola de Castro, Pamela uses her eclectic nature to understand how consumers can enjoy high fashion while keeping our world clean and green.

Pamela creates and re-creates! She knows that the past is a motivator – we can’t change the past. Pamela is doing her part to move in the direction of a carbon-neutral world. Peruse her unique and forward-thinking online shop of upcycled products.