RU Bangla dep students protest against UGC’s decision

Students of Bangla department of Rajshahi Universitry formed a human chain today, protesting over University Grants Commission’s (UGC) decision of granting equal honor to Folklore graduates and post-graduates same as Bangla department students.

At the human chain formed in front of the university central library around 2.00 pm, nearly a hundred of Bangla department students displayed placards and gave slogans, demanding the abrogation of UGC’s decision.

“Folklore, being a part of Social Science faculty, how it gets equal honor to Bangla department, it is not comprehensible. Bengali literature and Folklore can never be the same. We are not against Folklore. We are against the illogical decision of UGC.”  Masters student Nazmul Mridha said in his speech at the human chain.

Earlier, UGC agreed to consider graduates and post graduates of Folklore department as Bangla department and permitted to give them a new code to include them into Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC).


Naim Ul Jawad, Rajshahi University correspondent