Dyanthus luxury at the International Fashion Expo

Among the various brands that took part in the Milan fashion week, the style of the Treviso – based company Dyanthus stands out, a brand that produces bags of the highest quality and pure luxury.

Founded by Diego Garofano, Dyanthus identifies its horizon in the desire to bring back true elegance and pure “Made in Italy” style in a global market now standardized both in terms of taste and offer.

The Treviso-based company has therefore decided to set its own well-defined course, focusing on the concept of beauty, authentic design and pure craftsmanship.

Class, attention to detail, sobriety of lines, dominated the collection of Dyanthus during the International Fashion Expo held in Milan, Via Monte Napoleone 21, at the Shopping Diva’s showroom, where many fashion professionals met to admire the creations of the Treviso brand that has set as its main objective the creation of “timeless” creations, whose peculiarities become recognizable traits and distinction from the mass.