Ludovica Mazzoni: the freshness of elegance

Growing up in maternal tailoring, where she learned the art of fashion, the Bolognese designer formed her brand in 2017, when, after “breathing” the atmosphere of the construction of clothing and aware that that would be her way to the future, she created the homonymous brand.

Ludovica Mazzoni loves fabrics and it is thanks to them, with their patterns and colours, that the designer draws inspiration for her collections, as well as feelings and everyday emotions.

Her first collection portrayed a sweet and floral woman: tops, pastel-colored skirts, stripes and linen in soft tones and long dresses in lace and cotton created a pleasant contrast with ethnic-inspired accessories and vests, sometimes combined with fringed kimonos, giving life to a sort of artistic dialogue that united the Orient and Frida Kalo.

The spring-summer 2020 collection of the felsineo brand is inspired by the “safari”: presented in Milan during the International Fashion Expo, an event held at the Shopping Diva’s showroom in Via Monte Napoleone, Ludovica Mazzoni impressed the public with dresses that, from the warm and soft colors of the desert, are distorted with floral-based shock patterns for long dresses, with large flounces and accessories in jute combined with faux leather vests with large fringes.

Ludovica Mazzoni stands out for her uniqueness, creating limited edition garments, making the difference and making every woman who wears her clothes feel “unique”.