Supermodel Sandra Žemaitytė truely deserves Bollywood spotlight

1. How they contact with you for the brand/product promotion?

Doctor B (Bulent Cihantimur) is the most famous and in my opinion the best plastic surgeon in Turkey. He owns not only the aesthetic surgery clinic but also the cosmetics clinic and his own brand – name cosmetics. When it comes to model work, it is very important to nurture your skin and hair accordingly, so you must make responsible choices. As he is the best specialist in his field for skin care procedures, I visited his clinic some time ago. After meeting with Doctor B, he immediately offered me to become the cosmetic “face” and the Ambassador for his brand.

Photo credits: Tagir Talibov

2. Why do you believe your personality & global face value could successfully promote those brands?

Even in a couple of contests I have won awards for gorgeous hair. This is the best evaluation and the best answer why it is me who should be the “face” of the branded shampoo. I am also the “face” of the world. It’s not only the cosmetics itself that I am the “face” of, but beauty products that were revelation for me. They help to nourish my hair and skin. Sometimes models advertise cosmetics that they do not usually use themselves, it is just their job, while in my case it’s the opposite. I worship these beauty products and will not switch to using others.  Affection, love and respect can be felt in my works. What could be better than a model devoted to cosmetics she advertises? I do it not as a job, I do it as an opportunity to send my message to all people. I love people who think and act in a non-standard way, who create and discover extraordinary things. This is cosmetics that is completely different, produced using exclusive technologies.

Photo credits: Kadir Arman

3. What is your next project?

I have been offered a role in a Canadian movie. Due to conditions being negotiated, it is not yet finally approved. An upcoming photo session and video clips are awaiting. I am also planning a trip to Nigeria, where I will join Miss Polo International in children’s education project. This is followed by an evaluation of India’s Top Model Show attendees. Today I am greatly interested in Bollywood industries.

Photo credits: Tagir Talibov

4. Are you singing any recent contract with any international brand?

I have received quite a few suggestions. But I never lose my head. I must believe in a project or a brand. What matters to me is quality, not quantity. I am not interested in flowing downstream, I seek originality and exclusivity.

Photo credits: Tagir Talibov

5. How you prepared yourself for the next challenges for Bollywood? Any update?

In India I received a lot of attention and encouragement to enter the Bollywood industries. If it would be easy to make a stunning career, everyone would do it! I know I must plunge into hard work and I am ready for it. There is a lot of competition in Bollywood, but I possess that special determination to win. The focus is on dancing, so I attend the Pilates training and dancing lessons, I watch a lot of movies, attend meetings. People in India are already positioning me as a star, so their desire to see me filming in movies will be come true soon.

Photo credits: Tagir Talibov
Photo credits: Tagir Talibov