Raisa, the Grace of a Princess
When you see Raisa Maria Cretu, the room gets brighter and shinier. Raisa is not only an emerging young model (despite her young age of 3), but a princess conquering everything around her with her smile, attitude and grace!

She is very ambitious and perseverant, in love with the nature, animals, music, loves to dance, to pose, this is why she has been attracted by the modelling in the first place, giving her the opportunity to exercise her “independence” that she is striving for.

She has participated at competitions such as Best Kids Models Romania and Festistar, and she was featured in publications such as Gift of Beauty and Paris Chic Kids Magazine! Recently she has joined the Modelling Agency Beatrice Models under the leadership of Ms. Beatrice Linda Dinu.

Let’s meet sweet little Raisa…

1. How would your best friends describe you?

My kindergarten colleagues see me as funny, loving and very friendly girl.

2. How does it look a normal day of your life?

Wakeup, kindergarten, classes of English, activities with kids, walks in the park and dedicated playgrounds for children.

3. What is your favorite food?

Chicken soup.

4. What music do you like?

I love the folklore music, but also dance music. I recently discovered piano and as soon as I turn 4, I’m going to start the piano classes.

5. What is your favorite movie/story?

Cartoons, as you can imagine, with princesses and fairies.

6. Are you superstitious or do you have any rules you live by?

Ambition and perseverance.

7. Why are you passionate about fashion?

I like everything related to modeling and fashion. I even create clothes for my dolls.

8. Why being a model?

I love the models on TV, so I wanted to be like them.

9. Tell us about your career as a model. How did you get started?

I’ve only started 7 months ago, attending my first Miss competition, where everybody encouraged me to continue to do modelling for my face sweetness.

10.What is your greatest strength, as a model?

Beauty and creativity.

11. Tell me about your experience as a model.

I don’t have much experience yet, but soon this will change. I have already explored my first opportunity to be a model on the international stage of World Fashion Festival Awards in Dubai this autumn, which was an amazing experience and helped me to gain self-confidence.

12. What skills according to you are necessary for a successful model?

My mom always says that with a lot of hard work, discipline and self-confidence I will be a successful model.

13. How would you describe your personal fashion style?

Beautiful, pure and elegant.

14. What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?

Probably my prolonged time in choosing my daily outfits for the kindergarten was a trigger point for me to decide to do a career in fashion.

15. Are you self-taught or did you study modeling?

No. I have learned modelling during the competition and fashion events, but in future I am going to learn professional modeling at WIP Model Academy by I&B, in Alba Iulia, Romania.

16. Have you been on the runway internationally? If yes, where?

Yes, in Dubai at the World Fashion Festival Awards, for the Best Young Model Awards.

17. What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you have started to be a model?

All my hard work was rewarded and this is a motivation to continue.

18. What advice would you give to young models?

Self-confidence, ambition and lot of hard work are the elements for turning your dreams into reality.

19. What advice you would have wanted to receive when you have started to be a model?

Encouragement and support.

20. What is your ultimate goal?

To be an international model on the highest stages of the world.

21. What is your motto?

The ambition is the perfect alibi of the winner.

22. Any favorite designer? Or model?

My Mentor and preferred Designer – Ioana Modista.

23. What was your biggest fear when starting to runway for the first time?

No emotions or fears, just happiness to live the moment.

24. Who is your biggest supporter(s)?

My family, colleagues and the Agency I am studying at.

25. Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?


26. What part of modeling do you like the most and why?

Runway and photoshooting.

27. How do you combine modeling with the kindergarten?

Perfectly, all is great. I discover them both, at the same time, beautifully with equal interest.