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In a short time the German artist Cornelia Steckhan was well known in the world of contemporary art. She made a massive impact on the art world with her expressionist paintings.

3D Conceptual Art

She earned many prizes in San Diego 2014 – California, Florence 2016 – Italy, Dubai 2017 – VAE, Florence 2018 – Italy, New York City 2018 – NY, Rome 2018 – Italy, Milan 2018 – Italy. One of her greatest success was winning The Conceptual Global Art Award in Dubai.

She had a lot of exhibitions in USA, Mexico, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Her latest showing was in the middle of an untouched enchanting nature in the southern of Sri Lanka. A small but fine event in a tropical environment. Where art, jungle, animals, sun and rain merge.

3D Conceptual Art

“I love to share my imagination and feelings through my paintings, and I am inspired by everything I encounter on this incredible journey of life.

My paintings are not finished and fixed, they change to the same extent as the thoughts. When they are finished, they continue to change according to the mood of the viewer. I do paint the things as in my flow of thoughts, not as I see them.”

Cornelia travels extensively, absorbing art and architecture from the various cultures. She is an abstract painter and photographer inspired by color, pattern, texture, and light. She is not committed to a genre. A lot of ideas and concepts growing in her mind. For example, the protection of the environment and wildlife, universe and aliens, faces and eyes, landscapes and many others. Thoughts she takes from her travels and brings them with every stroke of her brush to the canvas. So new paintings have been created.

3D Conceptual Art

Conceptual 3D Art:

Cornelia does not only work on canvas with normal colors. For 3D paintings, she also uses materials such as kelp (marine algae), coffee ground, eggshells, sand, small seashells, structure paste and finely grounded chalk.


With great success and recognition in California, Cornelia also taught to paint for the elderly and for children, even for autistic kids. It gave her pleasure to see with what eagerness even handicapped children were at work. She was also a jury member in a painting competition for children.

3D Conceptual Art

This year at the very end of October a new journey will take the artist to Dubai again. There she will not only do her own works and exhibit. One more she’ll teach children how to paint. She follows not strong rules, lets the fantasy of the kids free develop. And only a kid can explain what a picture express and says.


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